Mutatis Mutandis
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World History
  Mutant Index

The Mutant Index is a gauge of how well mutant/human relations are at any given moment. We have developed a scale that we hope provides a sense of how things are. The Mutant Index is determined by both Humans and Mutants. Roleplay is very important in determining the index. Mutant actions, be they positive or negative, when given publicity, tend to impact human views on mutants in general. The index can be altered on a local, national, or global scale if an action is great enough and has enough media attention.

The Mutant Index is a result of Roleplay on the MUX. It is determined by the IC news media and by the action of those brought to the attention of the media. The main avenue for you as a player to affect the Index is to post to the news +bboard. If something happens that's semi-public, post about it. Other things you can do include announcing things on the IC News channel, and directly contacting the Roleplay and Continuity Wizzes. Note that the most significant events should in fact be brought to the attention of these Wizards.

The Mutant Index is not a linear scale. The higher (or lower) that the scale becomes, the more significantly difficult it becomes to change the Mutant Index.

In general, 'good deeds' will increase the index, while 'evil acts' will decrease it. Some examples of things that would affect the index follow:

  • Property damage.
  • Flamboyant and staggering power displays.
  • Random acts of destruction.
  • Advertising.
  • Activist groups.
  • Assassinations.
  • Daring rescues.
  • Extensive acts of charity.

The Mutant Index is starting out on the MUX at +1; the recent self- sacrifice of the X-Men in Dallas to defeat the Adversary and X-Factor saving New York has left the general public opinion of mutants higher.

The concept for the Mutant Index comes from Marvel Super Heroes The Uncanny X-Men Campaign Book, published by TSR and Marvel.