Mutatis Mutandis
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As in the comic books, technology plays and important role on Mutatis Mutandis. While many heroes, villains, and governments have access to advanced technology, the general public usually does not. Although this is usually the case, there are always exceptions. Occasionally, beings possessing advanced technology pass said technology along to those less fortunate; for example, Reed Richards has patented several of his inventions and a corporation with enough resources can lay their hands upon those inventions.

All players with non-standard technology must have said tech approved with a thorough description of the item. This information combined with the techlevel helps govern the existence of special items on the game.

Feature Characters will be allowed to have the technology they possessed in the comics before our continuity break, but any new creations must be approved by the CA Staff. Anyone found using technology without IC methods of acquisition or creation (Approval by the Technology Staff is required in ALL creations) will be punished. Using unapproved technology is equivalent to twinking, also known as cheating.

All new tech must be approved through the Technology Staff via @mail using the application for technology.

Once sent, the CA Department will review the application and respond with a yes or no along with any explanations necessary. One or more rewrites may be necessary as well. The CA Department will usually review and answer a tech request within a week, but if it should take longer, under no circumstances are you to whine/complain/pester the Wizard about your request. That will only get your request put on the bottom of the list. Decisions of the CA Department are final.

When constructing Technology yourself, you should by all means use your tech level to determine whether an item is within your realm of ability. When in doubt, ask a Staff person.

It is not necessarily true that tech approved on one person will be automatically be approved on you. There are a great many OOC reasons for this mostly based on proliferation of tech. If the tech is given to you just have your patron contact Character Alterations Staff, saying you're good to go in her book, while you send an @mail tech app including the specifics. You may be asked to come up with more specifics on an associated tech than the original owner had to. Some characters are assumed to have the knowledge and skill to make things work that would quickly fall apart in the hands of other people. Observe the neutralizers Forge made for the Wraith Wars.