Mutatis Mutandis
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  Technology Application

Any request for technology above the every day Radio Shack availability must contain the following information.

  1. Name of the device
    For example: Laser Gun, Time Machine, etc.

  2. What does the device do?
    Please be as technical as possible, but also be clear enough that anyone can understand what the device does. Include any drawbacks or flaws in the device along with the size of the device and what it is made with. When describing what the device can do, note that it should be as rigorous a description as you would use on any power or spell. It has to be apparent to the reader exactly how the device will interface with game. This should be exactly what you expect to have listed in your +tech attribute.

  3. Building Materials/Construction Time
    If the device is constructed with Wakandan Vibranium, how did you get the Vibranium and how long will it take you to build the device? You must have IC justification for obtaining any and all resources and materials. Include in your application how you obtained/will obtain these materials for the device, as well as how long it will take for the device to be constructed.

  4. Who is building the device?
    Are you building it? If so, where did you get the design? Are you intelligent enough to design it yourself or do you have a power that would make it possible? If not, who is building it for you and can they design such a thing? Do you or the builder have the materials, equipment, facilities, etc. to build the device? Perhaps most importantly of all, does this person have sufficient IC justification to provide you with the technology?

  5. Why are you building the device?
    This is a very important question... what IC events occurred to prompt you to build the device? Why do you want it? Need it? What extraordinary events occurred to warrant an extraordinary device? Keep in mind that the people in Character Alterations who will read this application are responsible for attempting to maintain a sense of game balance, and the more information you present them with in the application, the better. Part of what you should include is how available this device will be to the general populace of the MUX, how do you intend to IC police the distribution of the device.

When the application is complete, submit it to the Character Alterations department.