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The +sec command provides information on the security of an exit and room. Refer to the game's online help, '+help +sec' for more information on the command itself. What follows here is a brief description of how to work with the command.

The information should be saved in the SEC attribute on the room or the exit. The information provided can be of two forms, IC information and OOC information. Obvious IC information, like "There is a deadbolt on the door." or "There is a security camera obviously visible near the vault." can be provided. Also, OOC information along the lines of "This room is watched by security personnel monitoring cameras in another room, and then instructions on how the players can either @emit the security results, or @mail the owners of the location with a request for more information or to meet online to actually play the incident out.

When in doubt for how to handle either the setting or interpretation of the SEC attribute on an exit or a room, contact the RP Staff.