Mutatis Mutandis
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Teleportation is the transportation of an object from one point to another without crossing the intervening space. On many Mu*'s where this power is applicable, it is difficult to pass. While it is not impossible to pass a character with this power, it is not easy either.

If your character can teleport, you need to consider a number of factors.

Can your character teleport him or herself, other objects, or both?

What is the mechanism of teleportation?

How far can your character teleport?

How much mass can your character teleport?

Does your character need to touch another object to teleport it? If not, how far from your character is the range to initiate a teleport?

What is the power signature for your character's teleportation? What sort of audio or visual effect accompanies the teleportation?

What are the side effects to your characters teleportation on your character and other characters? Vertigo, cold, shock, etc.

How often can your character teleport?

If your character uses some form of gateway or portal to teleport, what are the sizes of the portals?

How long can the portals remain open?

How far from your character can the portals be generated?

Can a portal be opened inside a person or object?

Can a portal be closed with a person or object only partially through it?

During the transit through the teleport, are the objects or people subject to any possible harm?

How are the portals oriented in space?

How long does it take to complete the teleport?

Can your character teleport into another object?

What would the effect of that be on your character and the object?

Are there any limitations on the substances your character can teleport?

Does your character have any safeguards built into the teleportation to prevent teleporting into objects?

How does the teleportation fatigue the character?

What is the effect of fatigue on your character's ability to teleport?

Example Characters: Nightcrawler, Vanisher, Magik