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Telempathy covers telepaths and empaths, both projective and receptive for both. Both of these powers are very powerful when it comes to most other characters. Few can resist a telepathic or empathic manipulation or assault.

Telepathy is defined in a dictionary as the apparent communication of one mind to another otherwise than through the channels of sense. Of course, things are a bit more complicated and confused than that. In this paradigm, telepaths could better be defined as the ability to communicate or otherwise affect the mind of another using ones own mind.

It would seem that in the Marvel Universe, telepaths have found numerous ways to communicate or otherwise affect the mind of another. Some example are psychic illusions, memory alteration, mental shielding, astral projection, mind control, psi-bolts, etc. Telepaths have some form of physical limitation to the range in which they can use their powers. Not all telepaths have the same potential skills and indeed, creative applications of telepathic powers are encouraged.

When applying for a telepath, please keep in mind that they are becoming a dime a dozen in the Marvel Universe, and so anything you can do to make your char unique is extremely encouraged. Some telepathic affects have been coded; you can refer to the online +help for more information on these commands.

One thing that should be noted is that telepathy does not automatically give someone the ability to understand the thoughts of another person, especially if the other person is native to another language or has very foreign means of communication. The ability to understand the way another person thinks is a skill that often needs to be cultivated in a telepath.

Although telepaths can use their ability to determine the location of an individual if in range, the target has to know where they are too. When a telepath enters your mind, they see from that where you are.

Telepathy (like telekinesis) may be a fairly common power, but it is uncommon at extreme levels of control or raw power. On MMM, we have ranked key feature character telepaths as follows:

  1. Charles Xavier
  2. Mr. Sinister
  3. Emma Frost
  4. Selene
  5. Psylocke
  6. Jean Grey

If your character is a telepath, or an empath, you need to consider a number of factors.

Can your character perceive the thoughts of others?

What is the range of this perception?

Can your character block out the thoughts of others?

Can your character project his or her thoughts to another person or persons?

What is the range of your character's thought projection?

Can your character probe another person's thoughts?

How deeply can your character probe? Surface thoughts? Deeper thoughts? Secretive thoughts?

How much effort would probing another character take? Give examples.

Can your character shield out another telepath or empath?

Who could your character block? With how much effort? (Refer to the above relative ranking of feature character telepaths.)

Can your character astrally project?

Can your character bring another character to the astral plane?

Can your character telepathically suggest things to another character with or without their notice?

Can your character telepathically coerce another character with or without their notice?

Can your character experience another character's senses?

Can your character establish psi-links? How many links? How many people per link?

Can your character telepathically implant or take knowledge from another character? With how much effort and depth?

Is your character Clairvoyant? What is the range of the clairvoyance?

Does your character have Psychometry? What is the level of psychometry? How intensely are the emotions felt? How long ago into the past or the future can the emotions be sensed?

Can your character project or perceive emotions?

How strongly can your character project emotions?

To how many people can your character project emotions?

Can your character project more than one emotion at once?

Can your character shield him or herself from another's emotions?

What is the range of your character's projection and reception of emotions?

Does your character have any type of power signature?

How would you rank this person as compared to other telepaths? (Refer to the above relative ranking of feature character telepaths.)

Example Characters: Emma Frost, Empath, Longshot