Mutatis Mutandis
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World History
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  Spheres of Control

By Spheres of Control, we mean control of certain things, such as a type of energy, a type of matter, a gas, et cetera. The distinction between a sphere of control and elemental manipulation is that a sphere of control does not include generation or absorption of the controlled substance.

If your character can control a substance, you need to consider a number of factors.

What can your character control?

Is your character immune or resistant to that substance? Does that immunity extend to that substance when not controlled by your character?

What are the limits of your character's control over that substance?

How much of that substance can your character control at once?

What is the range of your character's control over that substance?

If your character can project the substance as a type of force blast, how powerful is that blast?

If your character can shape that substance, how long will those shapes last? How complex can they be?

What are the physical attributes to the controlled substance?

How much effort does it take for your character to control the substance?

The questions relevant to energy manipulation may also be relevant for characters with a sphere of control.

Example Characters: Pyro, HydroMan