Mutatis Mutandis
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  Enhanced Senses

Enhanced senses are a tricky power. In many cases, they are taken for granted, or twinkishly used. Enhanced senses can involve all or only some of the five senses to varying degrees. Each enhanced sense would need to be written up and explained in detail.

If your character has enhanced senses, you need to consider a number of factors.

What senses are enhanced? Are the senses always enhanced, or does your character have some means to adjust the sensitivity level? Is your character protected from over stimulation of his or her enhanced senses? If not, what would it take to over stimulate your character's senses?

Smell: How fine tuned is the sense of smell? How well can your character discern one scent from another? How long after the scent was laid can your character detect it? How well can your character pick out a scent in various trafficked areas? How well are the scents remembered? How much is needed to 'get the scent'? What would overwhelm your character's sense of smell?

Hearing: What is the range of sounds and loudness your character can detect? How well can your character pick out certain sounds? How do loud sounds effect your character?

Sight: What amount of the spectrum can your character perceive? How far away can your character see well? How well can your character see in various light levels? What is the effect of bright light on your character's eyes?

Taste: How well can your character discriminate between different tastes? How do strong tastes effect your character?

Touch: How sensitive is your character's sense of touch? Give numerous examples. How discriminate is your character with this sense? Is the enhanced sense related to perception of heat and pressure as well as tactile sensations?

Mutant Detecting: While not exactly an enhanced sense, per se, mutant detection falls under this category. What is the exact mechanism for the mutant detection? Be specific. Can your character detect all mutants, powerful mutants (by class), active mutants, or passive mutants? What is the range for this detection? Does your character require physical contact to detect a mutant? Can your character discern any information about the type of powers another character would have? Can your character detect enhanced humans or aliens?

Example Characters: Wolverine, Daredevil, Caliban