Mutatis Mutandis
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World History
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  Enhanced Physiologies

Enhanced physiologies are varied and can be either simple or complex. Only some of those are covered here. An enhanced physiology would be one that was above human normal.

If your character has an enhanced physiology, you need to consider a number of factors.

If your character has enhanced strength, tell us how strong he or she is in tons.

Is the enhanced strength a constant, or can it be turned off; i.e. can you regulate the strength, or are you always super strong and breaking things?

Is your character somehow invulnerable? How much force can your character resist? What makes your character invulnerable? Is your character only invulnerable to certain things?

Does your character have enhanced endurance or stamina? How much effort can your character generate before tiring?

Does your character have natural weaponry such as claws, horns, teeth, etc.? How strong are those weapons? How much damage can they inflict upon other characters?

Does your character have enhanced agility? Give examples of what he or she can do.

Does your character have enhanced reflexes? How much faster than normal are they? Give examples.

Does your character have enhanced balance? Give examples.

Can your character move at superhuman speeds? How fast? Does your character have an enhanced metabolism? Why? Can your character react and think at superhuman speed?

Can your character jump or leap long distances or heights? How does your character deal with the shock of landing from such heights?

Example Characters: Quicksilver, Rogue, Beast