Mutatis Mutandis
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World History
*darkforce manipulation
*disease and microlife
*elemental control
*energy manipulation
*enhanced physiologies
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*spheres of control
*technology manipulation
  Energy Manipulation

Energy manipulation includes energy projection, absorption and generation.

If your character can manipulate energy, you need to consider a number of factors.

What kind(s) of energy can your character manipulate?

What limitations pertain? Particularly with energy manipulation, you must consider the limitations on your powers.

What substances are more/less affected by the energy your character can manipulate?

If your character can generate force blasts, how powerful are they? Provide temperature ranges if applicable as well as a measurement of kinetic force. How large is the blast area? How long does the blast last? What are the effects of this stunt on your character?

Does your character have any special vulnerabilities because of this power?

What are the immunities or special invulnerabilities related to this power both for your character and for other characters?

What are the side effects of the type(s) of energy your character can manipulate?

Below are some sample types of energy that might be manipulated. There are a few questions for each, but each energy type has many other questions that would need to be addressed. Each energy type would have the questions above addressed as well. Be sure to read the comments in 'news general' regarding wide ranging powers.

*What kinds of sounds can your character manipulate?
*Can your character generate sounds?
*What in the manner of the sonic manipulation?
*How much can the sound be amplified?
*How loud a sound can your character generate?
*Can your character direct and project sound?
*What are the effects of your character's sound manipulation stunts?

Light Manipulation
*What is the range of the spectrum can your character manipulate?
*What portion of the spectrum can your character perceive?
*Can your character generate holograms? How complex can those holograms be?
*In what range can your character manipulate light?
*If your character can generate lasers, how intense are they?

*Can your character generate the magnetic field that is manipulated?
*Can your character control a pre-existing magnetic field?
*What can your character do with this manipulation? Give examples.
*Does this magnetic manipulation have any background effect?
*Is this an area effect, or directed effect power?
*Is the use of this power easily detected by sensors?
*Keep in mind this effects of magnetic fields on magnetic media such as computer disks.

*What is the mechanism for generating the shockwave or earthquake effect?
*How powerful are the shockwaves or earthquakes?
*What is the area of effect? Can that be controlled?
*Can the shockwave or earthquake be directed?
*Is your character effected by the side effects of the earthquake or shockwave?

*What is the mechanism for the gravity control?
*Can your character increase or decrease gravity? Both?
*Can your character redirect gravity?
*Can your character generate 'anti-gravity'?
*Are the effects of the gravity manipulation localized or area?

*Can your character absorb kinetic energy? How much? Is physical contact required?
*Can your character transfer, or redirect generate kinetic energy? What is the range and mechanism for this?
*Can your character transform kinetic energy? What is it transformed into?
*What stunts can your character do with this power?

Example Characters: Polaris, Bishop, Firestar