Mutatis Mutandis
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World History
*darkforce manipulation
*disease and microlife
*elemental control
*energy manipulation
*enhanced physiologies
*enhanced senses
*luck and probability
*spheres of control
*technology manipulation

This is a rather all-powerful power, much the way that the Green Lantern's ring is 'every power in a box'. If you intend to use darkforce as a power, it is paramount that you impose heavy limitations.

Consider the amount of darkforce your character can manipulate at once, the number of objects that can exist simultaneously, the length of time the objects will last.

If the Darkforce will be used to teleport, fly, or any other power stunt that is listed in it's own news file, all of the questions and concerns covered in that news file must be addressed.

If the Darkforce will be used for force blasts, or force shields you must consider the amount of kinetic force projected or resisted. You must consider how much effort each blast, or shield would require from your character.

While Darkforce is a very powerful power, with considerable variation, it also requires considerable work writing up the powers section of the application. Every power stunt will require a detailed exploration of the limitations of the stunt and the repercussions on the character and others.

Because of the overwhelming nature of the Darkforce power, there must be some form of balance to the character in other sections of the application. While all characters and applications must be balanced, highly powerful ones must be especially careful. This would also mean that power-ups via Character Alterations would be difficult to pass, as well as gains in technology, resources, or contacts.

Example Characters: Darkstar, the Shroud, Cloak