Mutatis Mutandis
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World History

Mutatis Mutandis game continuity begins at some indefinite place between the ending of the Muir Island Saga and the famous "Too Many Mutants" genesis of the blue and gold teams of X-Men, and the reformation of X-Factor. We say indefinite because feature characters are given some leeway on their re-entry into game continuity following the conclusion of the Muir Island Saga.

The continuity breaks chosen for the various X-Books are listed below. Note that some breaks do NOT share the same cover date on the books. We did this to try to cut off each book at a key point which lends to playability. If a book is not listed below, feel free to contact a Staff person on the MUX or drop us a note to try to determine the cutoff.

*New Mutants
*Uncanny X-Men

You should be aware that as soon as roleplay began when MUX continuity started in early February 2000 and players went In Character, things began to diverge from what you may know about continuity. The longer it becomes from the opening of the MUX, the more diverse and unexpected you might find these changes. Feel free to contact any member of Continuity or Roleplay Staff to ask questions about what these changes might be. In cases of previously uncast Feature Characters, the Staff is able to work with newly incoming players to help incorporate them into the MUX.

We encourage players to contribute to character pages and roleplay logs, and other supplemental materials to help keep track of the changes that occur in the online game. Peruse these items within the community section.