Mutatis Mutandis
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  Available Featured Characters on Mutatis Mutandis MUX

These lists are updated regularly; take special note of the last modified date at the bottom of the page. When in doubt, contact us via email or online with your specific inquiries about feature characters.

Amelia Voght     Donald Pierce     Rhino
Arcade     Empath     Rictor
Archangel     Famine     Robert Kelly
Arclight     Flambe     Roulette
Artie Maddicks     Gambit     Ruckus
Asp     Gorgeous George     Rusty Collins
Avalanche     Guido     Sauron
Banshee     Harpoon     Scalphunter
Beast     Havok     Scrambler
Black Racer     Henry Peter Gyrich     Sebastian Shaw
Black Tom     Iceman     Shadowcat
Blob     Jean Grey     Shrew
Blockbuster     Jenny Ransome     Silver Sable
Boom-Boom     Jetstream     Silver Samurai
Briquette     Jubilee     Siryn
Cable     Leech     Skids
Caliban     Lila Cheney     Spider-Woman
Callisto     Longshot     Stevie Hunter
Cameron Hodge     Magma     Sunfire
Captain America     Masque     Sunspot
Captain Britain     Meggan     Tarot
Cargill     Mesmero     Toad
Chamber     Nightcrawler     Tremolo
Chf Magistrate Anderson     Nova     Unuscione
Colossus     Omega Red     Vague
Cyber     Psylocke     Vanisher
Dare Devil     Purple Girl     Viper
Dazzler     Quicksand     War
Destiny     Quicksilver     Warlock
Doc Samson     Ramrod     Wildchild