Mutatis Mutandis
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  Policy and Rules: Theft

At MMM we ask a great deal of our players—thorough and comprehensive explanations of powers, personality traits, contacts, resources, tech, et cetera. We do this to minimize disputes, discrepancies, and confusion and to enhance the playability and overall enjoyability of the game.

We do not in any way at all provide this information so that it can be abused via theft. The players here are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and passion for a character in an application. However, note that there is no implied consent to re-use of these materials by their availability here. Players retain authorship and whatever rights are theirs. Taking information from a player online without express permission will result in our taking every action to support the slighted player. Reproducing someone else's work associated with a copyright is extremely inappropriate. Using someone's work here in an application elsemu* is extremely inappropriate. Any of these actions will result in our full cooperation in helping the slighted player.

We will cooperate with other MU*s as well to prevent plagiarism of materials during the application process bilaterally. Apps with plagiarized materials will be summarily rejected, and repeated offenses will result in the denial of future applications as well.

We want to help create the most enjoyable environment as possible and do not take this stance to hinder the players or playability of this game—we take this stance because we respect the endeavors of our players and their striving for excellence. We hope that you do as well.