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  Policy and Rules: Ratings

There are several aspects to the ratings system. First of all, it is to be used as a means to know your audience. Note that each player will have a maximum rating set by the Wizcorps when the player is assigned, and this is based on the age of the player. Then a player can, at any time, set a rating for his or herself by using +rated. (see '+help +rated' for more information on this command.) A player cannot set a rating higher than his or her maximum allowable rating.

Then at any time during the course of play, you can type +rating to see the -present- rating of a room. The room is given the lowest rating of all the ratings on connected players or owners of puppets in the room. That way you can know what the audience is expecting. Note that the rating system can be used as something of a guide for language and certain types of possibly sexually explicit actions, or in some cases, even violence. When in doubt, and you do not know your audience, ASK the people present. In no way are we trying to tell you how to play your character; just be aware that it's better not to have people complain out of a lack of communication.