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  Policy and Rules: Ownership

This entry specifically describes MMM policy on 'ownership' of the materials which make MMM different from the canned MUX distribution.

MMM recognizes the difference between public and private contributions to the MUX. A private contribution to the MUX is something that you bring here expressly for your own use, or for the use of a few individuals where you maintain ownership and control over the item. For example, characters' +stats, personal rooms, code objects, descers, and the like, are all private contributions. These are things that will usually be removed from the game upon your leaving the game.

Public contributions are things that are given to the MUX for the betterment of the playing environment. For example, there are several mundane places around New York City that fall into this category: Big Al's Pizza, NYU, the Daily Bugle are just a few.

When you build something that is questionable, and could either be private or public in nature, when the building is linked to the IC world you need to make clear whether it is private or public. Public items will be @chowned to a publicly accessible builder; private items will generally remain owned by the player object for which they were built. Public items will remain on the MUX even after you leave. You are responsible for @decompiling anything which is contributed to the MUX, or otherwise making a copy for your records. The MUX is not obligated in any way to provide these things for you at a later date.

Items contributed to the MUX for public use may be modified at any time for any reason by the MUX. In fact, private items which are not within the building guidelines stated in 'news building' may also be modified at the discretion of the wizards. This extends to removing an item from the game. If a player leaves the game under questionable circumstances, the wizards may remove all public contributions of the player. This is also under the discretion of the wizards.

We do keep track of who has built something on the MUX; it is stored in the @Comment of the object and this process is part of the inspection process. (Some older items may lack this attribute, but we do have a list offline.) We respectfully request that items built for MMM remain unique to MMM. We realize however that the builder of a large project may want to reproduce it elsewhere; should this occur we simply ask for warning so that we may replace the work if we deem it necessary to do so. Any building, news file, code, or other part of MMM which you did not create entirely may not be used elsewhere without the permission of anyone who contributed to the work.

Ideas and suggestions for the improvement of MMM through any means—code, building, news files, for example—are not treated the same as a finished product. Suggesting or requesting the creation of a +command is not the same as actually doing the coding. Asking that an area be built is not the same as @digging it; @digging it is not the same as @descing it.

Simply playing on MMM in no way grants the player ownership of any part of MMM.