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  Policy and Rules: Online Time

You are expected to be online and IC, roleplaying and contributing to the MUX environment. It is admittedly difficult to place a fixed amount to this, since week to week game play can change drastically based on who else is online, and what your character has to ICly do. Neither do we want to insist that you be here every day or for so many hours a week, since the first is rather infeasible at times, and the second is rather ridiculous as you could spend all your online time in one day.

Keep in mind that certain characters are expected to be around on a regular basis: group heads and major features, persons who appear with regularity in the books or who have a large number of people depending on them online are expected to be available at least 10 hours a week, and make an appearance at least four times a week. If absenteeism becomes a problem, expect this policy to change.