Mutatis Mutandis
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  Policy and Rules: Inactivity

When you apply for a character you are offering to enter something of a contract with the MUX and with all its players. You are promising to be available to roleplay, to help contribute to the roleplay environment, and to help maintain as high a quality for the MUX as possible. Inactivity, be it from lengthy absences, idling, or just not going IC is inappropriate except in extenuating circumstances.

If your character is inactive for a period of three weeks, you will be sent a warning via @mail of impending timeout. If you are inactive for four weeks, then the character will be placed available and @nuked. We will not @decompile the character before nuking. Note that you MUST contact us IN WRITING when we request this. Simply logging in and out to check @mail and type 'who' is insufficient to keep a character after receiving an idle nuke warning. In fact, should you wish to keep the character you must email us your intent to increase activity with that character.

More information is available on the rules and policy governing vacations. Keep in mind that for crises, exceptions can always be made. Note also that delinquency in getting a character set up counts as inactivity.