Mutatis Mutandis
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  Policy and Rules: Harassment

Absolutely positively no harassment will be tolerated. Period. no sexual harassment, no other kinds of harassment. Period. no paging, @mail, email, channel, or bboard harassment. Period.

If you are in doubt as to what we mean by "Other Kinds of Harassment," keep in mind the following: If someone asks you to stop something and you do not stop, you are guilty of harassment.

If you are being harassed, contact a Wizard immediately. If a wizard is not available, then try pagelocking your character. If it comes to it, keep in mind that you can always type 'quit' and send email to the site. It may seem extreme, but there is no reason for you to endure anything that you do not wish to endure.

It is important to document such cases of harassment. Whenever possible, log the event and send such logs to the MUX site,

We take all such matters seriously, but we also encourage you to empower yourselves and handle all matters judiciously and politely.