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  Policy and Rules: Guests

Mutatis Mutandis MUX allows guest logins for the express purpose of allowing individuals to familiarize themselves with the MUX, the roleplay environment, and consider character application to MMM. A secondary purpose of guest characters is to give people who do not play on MMM an opportunity to keep in touch with friends here.

MMM does not tolerate advertising, spamming, or harassment of players by guests. Should such an event occur, the guest may be approached with a warning. If you are asked to cease and desist a behavior by a wizard or staff person, please do so in a courteous fashion. Anything less than courtesy will be met with @booting.

If problems persist, measures such as site banning or contacting internet service providers may be taken. The staff of MMM will take whatever measures deemed necessary in order to maintain the roleplay environment of the MUX.