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  Policy and Rules: Grievances

No matter how good the intent, inevitably, problems can occur in almost any conceivable situation. We have taken measures to do what we can to minimize any such problems, but in the event they do occur, it is important that you know and feel that you have a say in the course of invents, and some control in the outcome of events that affect the life of your character and your tenure here as a roleplayer.

The rules that we have are here for reasons, but are not blindly and systematically executed. Individual care will be given in each situation. It is important that players do not attempt to take matters into their own hands and enforce rules with undue authority. Matters should be first handled amongst the involved players, with courtesy and respect. If the problem can not be resolved, or is of a more serious nature, the PR Staff should be notified. Complaints should be directed to the PR Staff, who will track and handle them accordingly.

If players attempt to settle things amongst themselves, they should be approached in a calm, mutually respectful manner. Relax, take a deep breath, and don't immediately jump to conclusions. Many times there is a reasonable explanation, but problems needlessly arise and escalate simply because no one took the time to step back and think. Complaints and problems with other players should not take the form of publicly voiced insults or slander or anything of that nature. It is obviously unpleasant, usually unjustified, at times hypocritical, and more often than not it results in the speaker him/herself looking bad. The staff is there for a reason, and is well prepared to deal with matters of this nature. They are impartial, authorized, experienced, and carry a much broader perspective given their positions.

Complaints involved staff and wizards should be sent directly to the PR Staff. In all cases, it is requested that players take grievances through the proper department.