Mutatis Mutandis
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  Policy and Rules: Alts

It is the policy of this MUX not to disclose any information regarding alts. In other words, if you know that Character B is played by the same person who plays Character A, it is not your place to go spreading that information around. Etiquette demands that you let someone share their own secrets. Never assume that because two players seem chummy that it is your place to share information on alts. We respect the privacy of the players here and want them to be able to play in anonymity.

While information on alts is required on part of the character application, this information is kept amongst the wizards. Only in the rarest of incidents do we even confirm any information to wizards of other games. These incidents in the past have revolved around issues of players with records of harassment of other players and theft of the online materials of other players.

Whether you suspect that someone is played by a good friend of yours, it is not your place to ask. If you are found spreading information about a player's alts, disciplinary actions can be taken against you.