Mutatis Mutandis
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  Policy and Rules

Above all else keep in mind that this is a -game-, the point of which is to have fun. Simply respecting others and doing what you can to ensure their enjoyment will, in the long run, increase your own enjoyment. To some extent, the MUX is a community as well as a game, and it should be treated as such.

You are responsible for all information within the news files and on the bulletin boards. The dates of last changes are kept on the news files so that you can keep abreast of things as they are changed.

We welcome players from all other MU* and hope you find your stay here as enjoyable as possible. Please take note that without the bases of the other X-MU*, we would not be here and slander of any MU*, X-Based or not, will not be tolerated here.

Disciplinary actions will vary depending on the instances, and can include anything from a simple reprimand to loss of privileges to loss of the character to site banning.