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A twink is a person who cheats, who goes beyond the realm of their character's abilities in order to accomplish an out of character (or in character, for that matter!) goal.

Thanks to online roleplaying, the word twink has become a verb, noun, and in twinky an adjective. Characters such as Magneto, Sinister, Stryfe, Apocalypse, even beloved Charles Xavier—these can be inately twinky—they have unbalanced powers and require responsible integration into a gameworld in order not to simply end up making things miserable for all.

Players can be twinks, can twink on other players and can just be twinky in general. Abuse of power, power gaming, forced roleplay, inappropriate use of knowledge—any of these things can be twinky in nature, and are general against the rules.

While players may joke about how twinky Mister Sinister is, it is important that the players keep in mind the responsibility holding such power brings. To quote another less malevolent but twinky character, "with great power comes great responsibility." This is true for the X-Men and it is true for the people who play them.