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A tinyplot is a roleplay event which is organized and not played 'off the cuff'. Tinyplots have several key characteristics; these are detailed below.

  • Roleplay with a pre-scripted outcome
  • Roleplay with OOC motivations or origins
  • Roleplay which in any way permanently modifies a characters attributes (this includes traits, powers, skills, and resources). Note that contacts need not be pre-approved and can occur through the course of normal roleplay.
  • Character Deaths

While we do not demand tinyplot approval for things such as marriages and babies, if a baby is to have mutant powers, it must be cleared through character alterations.

In order to have a tinyplot approved, complete the application and @mail it to *TP or post it to the tinyplots bulletin board. The staff will read the application to make sure it has all necessary information, and discuss and judge it. You will receive back @mail with the status of the application within a week. As usual, do not pester Wizards with questions about your application.

Since we highly encourage spontaneous roleplay engendered simply by carrying on IC actions, if you find yourself in a situation where significant changes to your characters, other characters, or the MUX as a whole can occur as a result, you should immediately contact Roleplay Staff and inform them of what has happened. In these instances, logs are invaluable. Basically, we will not out of hand force you to retcon something just because you didn't tell us ahead of time, or didn't realize how far-reaching the implications of your actions would be. At the same time, however, it is your responsibility to keep the staff informed, and to keep in mind that there are things going on of which you might not be aware, and in these cases your actions might be inappropriate even though you might think otherwise. Also, just because someone says their character can do something doesn't always mean it is the case.