Mutatis Mutandis
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Policy and Rules

1. The deliberate attempt to fool another player into believing a pose, @emit, or page came from another character other than the character doing the posing.
2. The act of posing or emitting other characters (typically non-player characters) to enhance roleplay.

In its first form, spoofing is strictly prohibited. Unless a player has granted permission to another player to pose for them to conclude a scene, then any spoofing is officially illegal. The spoofing of another Feature Character, or another Marvel Character without the express written permission of the Roleplay and Continuity Wizards is strictly forbidden.

Spoofing is grounds for @newpasswording a character. You can set yourself NOSPOOF to see the name of any player who is @pemitting to you.

In its second form, spoofing is essentially story-telling—incorporating the myriad of unplayed world citizens into the roleplay. Being the local police, a riotous gang, a criminal needing to be caught in the act—all of these things are fine so long as they enhance the overall story of the game. Spoofing of uncast feature characters is still against the rules though.

Never be shy of asking your roleplaying companions who is spoofing a scene if you are concerned.