Mutatis Mutandis
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Character Guidelines
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Policy and Rules

If you choose to have your character killed off, if the character is a non-feature character, you can do so as you wish. You should notify the Roleplay Staff that this is your intent, and the character will be destroyed roughly a month after your demise. If the character is a feature character, you must submit a tinyplot application to kill the character. Note that if you are granted permission to kill the feature, the circumstances of the death will be made public and if a worthy application is received for the character along with justification for bringing the character back, the application may very well be accepted.

If you want to continue to play a character after a death, then it definitely falls under the category of tinyplots, and you should submit a tinyplot application, for both feature and non-feature characters.

There is one circumstance that you should be aware of, however. If you perform an IC action that would ICly result in your death, and you cry no consent, you might find yourself labeled a twink and killed anyway. Read news twinking and be sure this does not happen. If you are at a loss for what circumstances are included, consider running into a police station and repeatedly firing a standard handgun as a human, without paying heed to orders to surrender, and expect to just run outside again without getting scratched, think again. You should be prepared to die.

Just remember, IC actions have IC consequences.