Mutatis Mutandis
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Policy and Rules
  IC vs OOC

IC means In Character. This is what your character does, how he/she acts and reacts to certain situations. It is based on his/her personality. It is the Character. Not the player behind the character. OOC is Out of Character. This is when you are yourself, the player. Things you say and do are natural for you but not necessarily the character that you play. Things to keep in mind:

*Try not to wander around OOC and then place yourself IC when you notice there are things going on when you walk into a room. That really isn't fair. That is selective RP and that is not a very IC thing to do. If you are going to wander around NY, then you might run into something you don't like, but that is apart of IC actions bringing IC consequences. It is not fair to ignore RP one place, then participate in another unless you have IC reasons behind it.

*Anything done Out of Character will not be used as In Character information at any time. It does not count in any way, shape or form as IC information.

*This MUX is a fantasy roleplaying environment (stress on the fantasy). As such, leave your baggage elsewhere... your real life shouldn't come into how you roleplay and your OOC opinions of players shall not affect your ability to maintain IC relationships in an IC manner. IC actions and IC consequences are what this game boils down to, not I don't like so-and-so OOCly so my char now hates her IC even though they are practically best friends ICly.