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  IC News

News! News! News! Do you read the newspaper? Listen to the radio? Watch television? Do any of this in character?

There are several means for you to gain news about the IC world. First and foremost is the News bboard. Post often and accurately!! Tell the world what is going on. If you have *any* event which could be witnessed and deemed newsworthy by the audience, expect word to get around.

There is an News channel for those play-by-play announcements to get peoples' attentions and draw them into roleplay.

There is a +911 command which is designed specifically for those persons who might have scanners or be the local authorities.

Several teams have bboards for team postings as well as discussions. Be sure to keep your teammates appraised of any pertinent IC news.

And lastly, there is word of mouth. But word of mouth is only as good as you are at getting out there and spreading it around, and it's never anywhere near as reliable as putting it in writing and posting or @mailing.