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Roleplay here is 'consent based', but it just as equally is governed by the adage 'IC actions have IC consequences'. What follows is a description of the notion of consent based roleplay, and the implications of having IC consequences in such a setting.

Specifically, if you are confronted in a situation which falls more appropriately under the guidelines for tinyplots, or involves the death of your character, you may declare no consent.

After doing so, any parties involved are entitled to submitting a written notification to the Roleplay Wizards that no consent was invoked, a log of the circumstances can be included if you have it, and one of the following (1) a tinyplot application, and/or (2) a complaint about the invocation of no consent.

If it is deemed that the circumstances revolving around the no consent are insufficient to warrant a tinyplot, and are judged to be an attempt at avoiding IC consequences for IC actions, disciplinary action will be taken and such actions will depend on the circumstances.

If it is deemed that the events were sufficiently significant to warrant prior wizard approval, the tinyplot will be judged and evaluated on its merit, and things will proceed from there. Refer to 'news tinyplots' for more information.

Note that this is a gaming environment based on comic books. Almost anything is possible. If a situation would render your character in your opinion unplayable, do not panic! Ask us for help in rectifying the situation. The Roleplay Staff is there to help you explore as well as govern the possibilities for your character.