Mutatis Mutandis
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Policy and Rules

Roleplaying on the MUX boils down to being able to express what your character does, how they act and react, both to the environment and world as a whole as well as to individuals encountered on the game. These individuals may be real (i.e., player characters) or imagined (i.e., non-player characters, or of course, in-character hallucinations!).

The success of one's efforts at actively participating in the MUX roleplay world boils down to the ability to express oneself through writing as MUX is still largely a text-based medium, and the ability to read and respond to other peoples' contributions.

A careful eye will note that the bulk of the roleplay rules and guidelines for the MUX are constructed with this in mind—be your character, act and speak and respond as they would, and above all else, remember "IC actions mean IC consequences."