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Policy and Rules
  Character Statistics

As a MUX primarily centered on roleplay rather than systemized combat, MMM does not make use of a system of numerical character 'stats'. To ensure smooth gaming, however, we do require well defined power levels and limits. We are aware of the many sources for this kind of information—comics, indices, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, table top roleplaying games, et cetera—and we are also cognizant that many times these sources provide contradictory and mutually conflicting information. Even with canonical instances straight out of the comics, what a character is capable of can sometimes vary from issue to issue, from writer to writer. Furthermore, on panel, characters are often seeing performing feats that would be nigh impossible given their 'statistics' on paper.

So how far do we carry the authority of said texts? In which of these conflicting sources do we place more weight? Our stance is this : These references are indeed useful as guidelines during the application process, but past that point, they no longer hold bearing. Once an application is accepted, that then becomes the sole source of information that is used. An application is an agreement, between player and admin, as to what any given character is capable. It is meshes together the information available and then presents that as what will be used on the game hereafter. From then on, any further changes must go through the character alteration process.