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This section is devoted to explaining terminology which you might see used when describing player characters. These terms are not used to classify some measure of significance to the MUX as a community—we just need to list somewhere the various types of characters for which you can apply. In fact, the FC/NFC classification so commonly found on MU*s of this genre is being dropped. We will still maintain a list of 'featured' characters (not feature characters or features). Why are we using this word? The code wiz (namely me) is too lazy to recode the commands +fcs and +features. This may yet be done, however.

While we were attempting to classify characters for the MUX, we found that in order to do a completely rigorous job, we'd have to be completely anal and make up a bunch of really stuffy rules that would only end up having loopholes as rules are wont to do. Thus, we really only have one classification—the player character, the roleplaying entity that can go IC on the gameworld.

Because it is a fact that every single character imaginable will not actually be found in the game world, we need a way to tell you which characters are more likely to be approved—so we need terminology, and that's all this is.

If in fact there is any preference given to a particular character during the application process, then of course it would be a character which adhered to the MUX theme rather than a character that did not.