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  Character Classes
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The following is a classification system for characters based on a combination of power and threat assessment for a character. This system will be used twofold: first, to allot characters to prevent someone from playing too many high powered characters, and second, as an IC system of classification for powered individuals. The +detect command will make use of this classification.

Note that this system is in no way to be used in determining the outcome of a fight or as a stat system. Every character is just as significant in terms of contributing to the MUX, everyone's lives are just as important as someone else's, be it a cold blooded killer or a couch potato. This is just a measure of power, in an attempt to keep the same person from playing, say, Xavier, Magneto, Apocalypse, and Sinister as their four characters.

Characters are classified with a base and an exponent. Each character is awarded both a base and an exponent from one of the following ratings: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, and Omega.

Descriptions and guidelines are provided for each of the classifications, along with the maximum numbers of characters you may have of any one class. Keep in mind both that four characters is the maximum per player in addition to these limits. Exceptions will be made in the case of exceptional roleplayers.

Also note that Wizard ruling as to the classification of a character is final. Characters with latent abilities or exponents must always accept the highest classification that the character will attain during the course of roleplay. For example, a latent psi with high-powered telepathy who you intend to raise to that level of operancy through role play must be considered to be the higher class in terms of class limits unless you will sacrifice a character when operancy is attained.

The +features command shows the assigned classifications for the list of features we have compiled.

Note that not all characters will necessarily be awarded exponents. An exponent is awarded in the case that skills, training, resources, or some other factor causes the person to be more of a threat. Note also that an exponent may be awarded in the case that there are factors which lower the threat level, such as Cable's techno-organic virus. The base is an indication of a character's mutant power level.