Mutatis Mutandis
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  Character Alterations
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When you apply for a character you are presenting us with a contract for what you intend to play and how, and that way we can have a good idea of how this character will influence MUX Roleplay and Game Balance. However, it's not a contract which is carved in stone.

Any change to you character which occurs after you are set !UNINSPECTED the first time counts as a 'Character Alteration'. This could be anything as trivial as meeting someone on the street and adding this to your +contacts, or it could be something as earth shattering as a complete reworking or updating of your powers.

Any changes, be they subtle psyche changes, changes in income because your character got a job, meeting a new contact or making a new enemy, learning a new manifestation of your power, or some nifty piece of tech you found somewhere, must be approved before they are roleplayed.