Mutatis Mutandis
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Policy and Rules
  Character Guidelines

The whole point of the MUX is to create a collaborative environment for the expression of a shared, imagined experience. Every player brings a uniqueness to the game that is essential to the life and flavor of the game, but at the same time, game balance and cohesiveness in the reality of the shared imagining is important.

All of the rules and guidelines established surrounding characters, what is and is not acceptible or appropriate wihtin the game world, are established with this basic tenet in mind. It should be fun, but it should also make sense. The fun of any individual should not come at the expense of the fun for the rest of the game.

Keeping this in mind while perusing the long lists of do and do nots for getting a character on the game will help keep perspective. No, you can't play Galactus. Why? Because we aren't ready to hit the red button quite yet.