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The process by which the applications are judged is fairly straightforward, and largely covered in understanding the application process, however for clarity's sake we will cover the highlights here.

First off, you send your application in and receive a note back saying that we did in fact receive the application. At the same time that email is sent to you the application is forwarded out to everyone who does Application Review.

The people who are reviewing that app now have three days from the time they get the app. Note that this is a rough estimate, as someone on the east coast might not get the app until the following day after work even though someone on the west coast of the US might have the app that night to read.

The judges read the application and can do any number of things—comment on things individually in the application, or give an overall remark on the app. They can vote yes, with or without an interview, rewrite, no. They send their responses back, and the responses are distributed to all the wizards so that everyone sees what everyone else thought of the app and why.

As this might take a few days, they also may or may not talk about the app to discuss the pros and cons. Then on the fourth day (as counted by the person who gets to tally the response), the app results are tallied and a response is compiled. Now this might get postponed if not enough responses were received and this is solely the discretion of the person completing the response.

Then the response gets sent out to you. If real life or holidays interrupt, then it might take longer.