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  Getting Started

Detailed instructions are available within the news files and in the 'Starting Room' for new characters on the game. For your sake, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind before you step out into the gameworld in character for the first time.

* Be polite OOC. Your character may be a mean person IC, but you don't have to be when you're OOC. Be friendly, try to help entertain those you are with and don't make them do all the work for a scene.
* Always ask by paging ahead or OOC before imposing on other characters who are in the middle of a scene, or even if they're not yet started.
* If you find someone who is idle, page them and see if they would like to rp. Sometimes taking the first step for someone can make all the difference.
* When posing an attack, leave it open so that a character can have the choice to dodge or do something else. Never pose the outcome, only the possible outcome unless it has been previously decided upon with both parties consenting.
* When someone comes into the room, never assume they are there until they pose entry.
* When you enter a room, don't pose until everyone has posed and the scene has been set clearly for you.
* Never never never pose something that tells another person how they feel or what they think.(unless that's your power and you have prior consent or worked it out before-hand)
* If there are desired or possible outcomes for someone's actions, page them along to the other players; no one can know everything about every character on the mux.
* Make things happen! Do things your character would do ICly, get other players involved, do things that you find ICly interesting! Only you can spawn new and involving RP for your characters, others can only do so much. The center of your character's RP must be your character.

If you have a specific question or problem in getting your character set up, don't hesitate to approach a wizard or guest helper. You can also send us email.

Do not forget—you are responsible for knowing all of the rules!