Mutatis Mutandis
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For detailed descriptions of what is expected in each section, review the links carefully.

*Question 1: Player Name, age, email address(es)
*Question 2: Player's experience in roleplay and preferred type of roleplay
*Question 3: Availability to be IC
*Question 4: Availability for Interview time
*Question 5: Character's Name(s), titles and their age
*Question 6: Character's Description
*Question 7: Character's Psyche and Goals
*Question 8: Character's Background
*Question 9: Character's Skills
*Question 10: Character's Powers
*Question 11: Character's Contacts
*Question 12: Character's Resources and Technology
*Question 13: Plans for your character
*Question 14: Sample Roleplay as your character
*Question 15: Why do you want this character?