Mutatis Mutandis
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Apply for a Character
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Character Guidelines
Policy and Rules
  Apply for a Character

In order to play on Mutatis Mutandis you must successfully complete the character application process. While some aspects are arduous in order to keep the game fun for all, we also try to make it easy to get started on your first character.

The Application
Jump right into the application process, or browse the additional content below.
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Submit Your Application
You can submit your application to us via email.
*submit your application
The Application Process
Understanding the application process and guidelines is the surest step to a fast and successful character application.
*understand the application process
Tips and Hints for Characters
These guidelines have come from the many applications, both successful and not, that have players have presented to Mutatis Mutandis.
*get some tips and hints for applying
Application Voting Process
A brief summary of the actual voting process.
*understand the voting process
Getting Started with a New Character
Some quick advice on what to do once you have been awarded your character to get into the thick of things as fast as possible.
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