Mutatis Mutandis
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  Ranking of Administration

Wizards consist of all manner of the highest powered admin on the game—implementors, gods, wizards—they are all aspects of the same type of admin. We make no distinction god and implementor, an implementor is technically the game developer/coder who is responsible for its initial creation and larger impetus. Wizards handle all manner of game administration, ranging from application approval to coding to building to game mastering, establishing policy and guidelines wherever appropriate or necessary, and enforcing these policies. Wizards have access to almost all of the powers available on a game, save for the ability to create other Wizards. This is restricted to the Implementor/God.

Royals have the ability to access some of admin commands as well as see sites, and are given additional powers based on level of trust and responsibility. Royals often help with application review, character alteration and tinyplot approval, nonplayer character spoofing, and guest and newbie help.

Staff persons are officially appointed by the wizards and hold positions with respect to game administration in a formal sense. They have access to extra commands along with the responsibilities. Staff people can be involved in areas such as building and inspection, nonplayer character spoofing, guest and newbie help, and more. Each staff person is different and has different areas of expertise and different degrees of authority.

NPCs and Guest Helpers, Game Advocates
It bears mention that the game is not just run by official admin. While the admin do set policy and ensure that it is enforced, there are plenty of essential aspects of the game to which the players contribute. This can include things such as NonPlayer Character spoofing, running tinyplots, helping guests, recruiting players, and simply being advocates of the game. If you would like to help contribute to the game, simply @mail or page a wizard online. They're sure to be able to find something for you to do!