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We, the Staff of Mutatis Mutandis, Wizards, Royals and Staff included, are here to help you and to ensure that the game runs smoothly and is enjoyable for all, staff and administration included. Each, however, does so in various ways. Thus, when seeking assistance, please page ONDUTY staff members before you approach a Wizard. Wizards are busy more often than not, and if you feel that your inquiries are being ignored, it is usually a good sign that your problem would best be solved by speaking with a Staff member, or by sending @mail.

Keep in mind that when a Wizard is dark, it is because he or she is busy working, idle, or actually enjoying playing. In any case, a dark Wizard is to be treated as someone who is not connected unless there is an emergency. Please do not page dark Wizzes, rather simply @mail them with your requests. Do keep in mind that working on the MUX is a volunteer position, and real life always comes first. Often it can come to pass that real life requires so much time that being !DARK is !FEASIBLE for a wizard. If you find that people who are hard to get ahold of to page are also never responding to your @mail or concerns, feel free to contact *Admin as a whole, or *PR if you feel it is warranted.