Mutatis Mutandis
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  Duties and Responsibilities

Every Wizard contributes to the administration of the entire MUX as well as some subdivided area of the MUX. In all cases you are best off approaching the Wizard(s) of a particular department first with any issues that fall under that given department. The news files are designed to help guide you to the right person whenever you need help. If for any reason you cannot approach the Wizards who govern a department, your next avenue would be the Public Relations department, who in many ways are 'all-around' Wizards willing to field questions in any area. The PR folks might not be able to help you resolve the issue directly, but will help you find a way to see it resolved. If for any reason you cannot approach the PR folks, please approach whoever you feel comfortable talking to. We would like very much to hear what you have to say.

Other things which fall under the general administration of the MUX are handled as needed by whoever is able when the situation arises. 'Other things' include things such as scheduling meetings, maintaining MUX general policy, and handling emergency situations.

Keep in mind that in any emergency you can call on any wizards available, even if the Wizard(s) for a particular department are presently unavailable. If you cannot page any Wizard and feel that you have an emergency, contact a Staff member. You should also @mail *Wizards.