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The Mutatis Mutandis Newsgroup is presented here as an opportunity for players to communicate with other players as well as for the administration to make announcements about the game. Participation in the newsgroup is voluntary, opt-in. You will not be signed up without signing yourself up. Subscribe to the newsgroup.

This is not a general discussion newsgroup and should be kept to announcements about the game, notifications about access to the game or game events. If you wish to participate in open discussion on the game, visit the discussion boards.

This is not a forum for spammers, and only members of the list can post to the list. However, it is a fact of life that spammers are devious and evil and ultimately find a way to do this. We do our best at filtering spam out, but we warn that it may eventually happen. When this does, just ignore the post and we'll delete it from the archives.

You can search the newsgroup archives through the search tool provided at the left of the page.