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  Submit Roleplay Logs

Your roleplaying logs are in demand! Share with our players and prospective players alike the happenings on Mutatis Mutandis.

Guidelines are simple—the logs are for a general audience, so keep that in mind. Not as strict as a G movie, and 'real language' is alright too. If you see a log presented from one point of view and would like to still add yours to the collection, send it on in!

For now, send your logs in to and we'll add them to the web site. Please be sure to follow the appropriate guidelines to help us process the log faster.

We've provided a sample file for you to see how best to submit logs.

Note!! If you don't have the time to format the log as shown in the sample, it's okay. Really! We'll do it for you. But as you know, sometimes waiting for us to do it for you could be a while! When in doubt though, just email the log to us.

Watch this space for a log submission form that helps you submit them directly for review.