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Wedding Bells, Part II
Submitted 16 November 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   16 November 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Amy, Archangel, Armand, Asia, Brightfeather, Colossus, Cyclops, Geneva, Hope, Katrin, Kris, Lissa, Logan, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Paul, Phoenix, Rhiannon, Trey
Locale:   Old Church, Bronx, New York City
Summary:   All are gathered for the event of the year, the wedding of Geneva and Kris. Come join us for the glorious celebration.

Continued from Part I.

The procession of bridesmaids and groomsmen continues as Magnus escorts Hope up the aisle, carefully paced graceful strides falling in time with hers, ice-blue eyes fixed forward, considering the layout and, particularly, the groom. A slight smile curves the Master of Magnetism's lips as he continues down the final stretch of the chapel, a bit of a more thoughtful light touching his austere features, but then reverie is par for the course at such events. As the pair approach the others at the altar, Magneto gently disengages his arm from Hope's and politely inclines his head, offering a half-bow and including her in his still-present smile. He pauses at Kris to share a smile and a firm clasp of the younger man's shoulder before moving to take his place beyond Armand, hands clasping as he stands steadily and looks out over the crowd for the first time.

After the pair of the very pretty Hope and noble dashing Magnus have reached midway up the aisle, Lissa's small hand resting on the handsome young man's she's accompanying and squeezes and then she begins to step forward with that young man. Paul. A subtle cue. And she's smiling brightly, as this is enjoyable. The little whispering empath has allowed herself to feel just a bit more of the emotions around herself so that she can fully appreciate the atmosphere. Small dimples are settled in her cheeks, and her eyes, not moist at all, shine with her enjoyment behind the twin lenses of glass that must remain despite the dressy attire. She has to see, after all, and contacts just don't work. Hair loose and down her back, trio of daisies in her other hand that moves to rest with her other on Paul's arm, she may look a bit like a child as she's small and dressed somewhat plainly in her non-fitted sheathe dress. Still, spotting a few faces in the crowd that she can't help but look toward even though she's supposed to face forward, she does lift her daisied hand and waves. Angel's one of those faces. Katrin's another. Familiar faces she's not seen in a while.

Paul smiles and steps forward with Lissa, matching her steps easily as they move down the aisle. He looks around the chapel slowly as he takes in who's all here slowly before returning to his escorting duties. He's happy for them, and happy that he got invited to participate. As they reach the alter, he disengages from Lissa and moves over by Kris, giving him a small handshake before moving behind Magnus.

Kurt smiles and pats Kris's shoulder gently to ease the young man's nerves. He pulls his hand away and rests his fuzzy hands in front of him, holding the holy book. He smiles at the growing crowd, many familiar faces that he's known for a very long time. He takes a deep breath and watches as the party begins to enter, this is truly a wonderful day for all. He smiles as the bridesmaids and groomsmen take thier places and looks down the aisle for the next group.

Amy assists her little girl up the aisle, giving softly whispered instructions as she walks behind the girl. "just a few... here and there... you're supposed to make the whole thing pretty for Genny to walk on..." Very softly. Just sounds to the group as if she's breathing funny.

Looking quiet diffrent in public, the young and brightly smiling Asia (with hair go fig) makes her way in as her mother coaches her along. She has a basket of pretty flowers and she lightly tosses the petals allowing them to float to the ground so the lovely bride can be presented properly. Asia just smiles brightly, making the steps strongly, not showing signs of exhaustion as earlier, she's been preparing for this and obviously excited, she even lets out a cute giggle as they walk down the aisle.

After Amy and Asia take their places, Geneva and her father appear at the doors to the sanctuary. Gen looks almost as if she's readying herself to bolt. Especially once she gets a look at all those people. The bridal march cues up and she takes a deep breath as her father pats her hand. She carries a large bouquet of real-looking silk daisies and murmurs to him softly. As they walk up the aisle, he can be heard speaking back, softly as well, "Geneva, stop fidgeting."

Geneva pauses, with her father at the front, as she is supposed to. She is wide eyed and her breathing is way too regular. She's scared stiff. Only to be expected, making the shy girl go up in front of all these people.

Kris smiles warmly as Armand, Magnus and Paul join him at the altar taking a brief moment, he smiles across to the bridesmaids, Geneva's mother, Hope and Lissa in turn. Taking a deep breath, he smiles across the altar to Kurt, trying to calm his nerves. Looking out over the crowd again, he smiles, knowing it isn't long before the moment of truth - the bride's arrival. Why is he so nervous? Does every groom go through this sort of thing? Firming his jaw, he clenches his hands tightly at his side, forcing himself to calm down. Turning again, he watches with a smile as little Asia makes her way up the aisle. When the bridal cue starts, he takes another deep calming breath and tilts his head to watch the sanctuary doors. As Geneva comes through with her father, his heart flutters and his nervousness is replaced by an absolutely overwhelming joy as he steps from the altar, taking Geneva's arm and stepping in front of the altar. Smiling brightly, he whispers to her before Kurt begins, "You are so beautiful..."

Hope smiles and dips a tiny curtsey to Magnus as he drops her off at the alter and looks over to the groom and other groomsmen. A small grin is given to Armand and she looks back down the aisle to watch Lissa, Paul, Asia, and Amy come up. As she sees the bride, she smiles encouragingly to Geneva, looking elated as she watches the sweet little Angel girl as she moves up the aisle with her father.

Kurt smiles as everyone takes thier places. He passes his gaze over the party with a small smile then turns to watch the bride walk down the aisle and his smile grows larger, Kris is really a lucky man. He waits for Kris to bring her in front of him then opens his bible slowly, waiting for the music to stop and people to quiet down. His voice rings over the crowd, letting even those in the back hear him, "Dearly beloved..." FAST FOWARD. He finishes with the small prayer and the for the main event, the ring switching. He turns to Kris and smiles, "Do you have the rings?"

Armand steps forward and gives the rings to Kris. His sorrow has been overcome by the joy of the couple before him. He beams at them, the rings held softly in the folds of a silk pillow.

Kris nods slowly with a smile and turns to Armand to retrieve the rings. Although the crowd is filled with his beloved friends, as far as he's concerned, the room only contains himself, Geneva and Kurt. There nervousness is no longer there, completely removed by the radiance of his wife to be.

Geneva beams at Armand, when he brings forward the rings. Then she looks to Kris, and licks her lips slightly, resisting the urge to fiddle with her hair. She's still nervous, but for some reason, it's a distant nervousness. She's where she wants to be.

Paul nods his head, he closes the bible and smiles at them. He knows this by heart, "Then take your ring, and place it on her finger...then repeat after me. 'With this ring, I thee wed. To have and to hold, through richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health...till death do we part.'

Kurt nods his head, he closes the bible and smiles at them. He knows this by heart, "Then take your ring, and place it on her finger...then repeat after me. 'With this ring, I thee wed. To have and to hold, through richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health...till death do we part.' (poses here as well just for you logging people)

Kris takes the ring from the pillow and smiles warmly across to Geneva, taking her hand in his own, sliding the ring on her finger, "With this ring, I thee wed. To have and to hold, through richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do we part." His eyes glimmer with happiness and his hands are steady, the nervousness completely gone.

Geneva smiles, barely breathing as she studies Kris. She swallows and smiles as he repeat's the Elf's words.

Kurt smiles and nods, turning to Geneva. "Take your ring, and place it on his finger. Then repeat after me, 'With this ring, I thee wed. To have and to hold, through richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health...till death do we part.' He smiles at her, he's happy for her.

Geneva looks to Kurt and nods. She accepts the ring from Armand with a mouthed 'Thank you.' She slips the ring on Kris's finger with a smile. her voice is breathy, almost as if she's about to pass out. But there is no uncertainty in her eyes. "With this ring, I thee wed... To have and to hold, Richer or poorer, in sickness and in health..." Those brown eyes raise to meet his as she clasps his hand, "Til death do we part." Then a smile breaks over her features. She did it!

Kris smiles warmly and nods, his hands remaining in hers, fighting the urge to just take her in his arms and hold her close to him, Just a little bit longer...

Kurt smiles at them softly. Kids. Gotta love it. "With the power vested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you man and wife." He takes a step back and grins like a child on christmas, "You may now kiss the bride." And if he doesn't move fast enough, he's going to get whipped by a blue fuzzy tail.

Kris steps forth, letting Geneva's hands drop as he moves his own to rest on her lower back, leaning in, he kisses her tenderly, slowly dipping her into that romantic dip kiss all the movies have, letting everyone and everything else just fade away, until it's just the two of them standing in front of the altar.

Lissa just holds the tiny flower bouquet in both hands and then claps a little bit a moment, smiling fully at watching the romantic scene. It is like in the movies. But her little claps are barely any noise at all. Golf claps at best. And she remains in place, eyes shining behind her glasses, watching.'s so sweet.

Magnus takes a step back and to the side to gain a better perspective on the spectacle of the newlywed couple, smile broadening and grey-blue eyes brightening with more than a touch of joy, pride, and reverence. He brings his hands together several times in an almost-silent round of applause, quietly voicing his approval of the lovely completion of the pair's union. Strange, it seems only yesterday each was little more than a fledgling.

Geneva lets her eyes flutter closed as Kris kisses her. When he dips her, her hands move from his biceps to his shoulders, one trailing up to the back of his head. She wasn't expecting this...but it only perfected the moment.

Amy stands on Genny's side, Asia on her hip. She watches the now-newlyweds impassively as she holds Asia's little flower basket. Almost as if she's waiting for her chance to leave

The little girl claps and giggles happily. She kisses her mother on the Cheek and hangs on watching the newlyweds.

Paul claps loudly at the couple. He's happy for them, not many he knows get married...but then, he doesn't know many people. He grins a little at them, then turns to the crowd, raising a hand slowly. Black birds begin flying from the shadows, doves. They flutter around in figure eights, just for show really...he's happy.

Rhiannon reaches into a little pouch she brought full of flower petals and little grains of seed. When the couple pass her on the way back down the isle, she will be tossing them over their heads with her blessings. Delighted to be part of this, her expression is nothing but joyful.

Hope sniffles and dabs at her eyes as she too golf claps the couple. They looks so in love and happy. It's just so moving. Her eyes glitter with moistness and she blinks to keep it in check. No sense ruining a perfect moment with running black mascara streaks.

Beginning to clap, Scott allows a small smile to cross his face as he watches the newlyweds as he silently wishes them luck.

Trey and Brightfeather aren't silent in their happiness. The Texan stands up, and lets out what is commonly known as the 'Rebel Yell', with a "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!" While the 'tonto' to his 'Lone Ranger' lets out a ululating cry, the kind most people try to imitate by patting their mouths with their hands.

As others clap, Lissa does feel she's not disturbing by adding her own little extra oomph to her applause, smiling across to Magnus brightly. She's enjoying this very much indeed. And as the couple do move, she'll move after, following in the proper proceedings alongside Paul...the music playing their exit of course.

Piotr begins to clap loudly as the big Russian gets to his feet. His large hands produce an echoing noise in the chapel. A large smile breaks out as he cheers. Not quit in the way of Trey and his friend, but with a cheer that would do a Viking proud.

Almost as if by magic, (though those in the room undoubtably know that it's probably courtesy of one of the gifted guests) the flower petals that had been strewn on the aisle float up and suspend in the air like tiny fragrant stars down the aisle to provide a walkway for the couple as it creates a canopy for them to exit under. Jean simply smiles to Wolverine and squeezes his arm slightly as she looks over to him.

Warren joins those assembled in standing and applauding as his two dear friends are wed. Looking around at his "extended family" he can't help but laugh aloud. It's too often they gather for somber business. Today was their to c elebrate for Genny and Kris!

Amy carries her little girl ahead of the groomsmen and bridesmaids, just ready to leave. She permits herself a little bit of a smile as she listens to all the clapping and cheering. Yeah. She gotta admit, Kris and Gen deserve it.

Wolverine smiles and applauds the couple, chuckling a bit as the more exhuberant among them shout out their happiness. He chooses the quieter approach, grinning a good bit and clapping fervently, slightly restrained though very obviously happy for the newlyweds.

A shimmering light fills the walkway down the chapel, glittering like luminescent, fine snow as it drifts about the aisle, shimmering with a vibrance that belies any mundane reflective material, with a variance in color that truly dazzles. Soft spirals of the fine glitter with a will of its own float about, moving fluidly. The only indication of the source of the colorful disturbance comes from a slight glint in Magneto's eyes, a bit brighter still, as he moves to escort Hope back down the aisle, following after the bride and groom. As they reach the doors, he turns and announces, "To all interested parties, a reception will follow in the Waldorf Astoria. Directions for visitors may be found at the front." With the succinct instruction, and slightly sly smile on his face, the Master of Magnetism makes his exit.


Later at the Reception... At NeverMore atop the Waldorf-Astoria.

Lissa arrived with the rest of the bride's party, and is somewhat wide-eyed at the opulence of the Waldorf Astoria. It's so grand and lovely. And she mostly keeps to herself, the daisies that she'd carried now pinned to the shoulder-breast of her left side. Well, had to put them somewhere. Following along quietly and looking at everything she can, very touristlike, her enjoyment of the day still showing clearly in her smile as she moves with everyone else into the magical environment that's presented to the couple.

Hope arrives alongside Magnus, since he was who she was paired up with for the wedding party. The groomsmen and bridesmaids arriving slightly before the bride and groom. She looks over to Lissa and smiles, whispering to her. "Wow...when I booked this place I had no idea. They really went all out didn't they?" to her as she leans away from where she has arms linked with Mags.

Kris leads Geneva and the rest of the wedding party into the wonderful room that is prepared for them, his arm held within Geneva's. He gazes over at her adoringly as they move towards the head table, taking the seats in the middle of the table, front and center. Kris smiles out amongst the group of their guests, truly happy. The day so far, couldn't have gone better...

Lissa nods with a bit more wonder in her smile as she agrees with Hope, and whispers response...a mere breath of words, "Yes. It's beautiful." And she continues moving in with the party.

Geneva enters with Kris at her side. She's smiled over the name of the place. Nevermore. Her favorite song. Once she'd entered, though, her eyes grew wide as she looked about. Surprise, nothing. This is darn near shock. She lets Kris lead her to the table and seat her, looking to Hope. I mean, holy crap!

Amy follows the main force of the party, Asia still on her hip. She watches Hope Lissa and Gen with a smirk. this is the f***ing Waldorf. Did they expect it to NOT be over the top?

Asia hangs onto her mommy. "Ooh mommy it's pretty castle place? Is da Fairy King here?" she starts looking around all curious at al the things.

Hope disengages from Magnus witha polite, "Excuse me sir." and a nod as she moves over to the seated couple and hugs Geneva tightly. "I hope you like it. It was kind of last minute but the staff worked so hard to make it perfect. Oh honey you look so wonderful!" She does let a little tear slide down her cheek now and turns to Kris wiping it away and shaking his hand "Congratulations. She's the best girl in all the world. Treat her good."

Kris shakes his head and embraces Hope in a warm hug, "I don't need to be told that twice...thank you so much for the all the help you've had in this Hope...Geneva and I appreciate it, with all our hearts."

Scott comes in and quietly moves off to the side of the room watching the merriment of the newlyweds. He moves toward the bar and nods towards the Chardonny. "One of those would be fine," he says quietly. Once he has his drink in hand, he moves along in the room inspecting the decorations every so often taking a sip.

Lissa follows suit with the hug for Geneva, and whispers, "You're so beautiful. I'm so happy for you both." And she reaches to squeeze Kris' hand too. But soon she's needing to move out of the way for other well-wishers and she does...heading for the ladies' room for the find it, anyway.

Geneva gives Hope a big hug and wipes the lady's tear away with a fingertip, "This is gorgeous, Hope...Thank you..." she plants a kiss on the woman's cheek, then listens to the byplay of Kris and Hope, "He will, Hope. I know it." She gives Trey a hug, then shakes her head, "Thank you Trey." She looks absolutely delighted at the carving, giving Cody a big hug as well, "Thank you!"

Piotr comes in, taking up the whole door way as he enters. He is already pulling off his jacket as he walks towards a table to deposit the jacket and then towards the happy couple. He waits in line to offer his own congratsulations with a big smile. "Well done, comrades! Well done!"

Hope moves back off to the side to go talk quietly to the band leader, caterers, and DJ. So much to orchestrate here. She'll be busy making sure all is perfection but will get around to partying wth the rest of the company. (After she logs back on form work)

Amy looks to Asia, "Did you want to go say hi to Genny now?" She keeps the girl on her hip. That much easier to keep an eye on her. She watches the othersin the room. she doesn't usually do groups. They make her uncomfortable.

Asia smiles to her. "Uh huh, wanna say hi and give he hugs and kisses." shes say s brightly. "Gotta find da Fairy King and tell him he got a nice house."

(OOC NOTE: I had to go to work and didn't get the rest of the Reception logged. If anyone has that part please email it to me and I'll add it to this log for a complete documentation of the events. The Bouquet toss and Garter throw was a CLASSIC!!)