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Rockerfeller Hillbillies
Submitted 20 October 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   15 October 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Cannonball, Hope
Locale:   New York City
Summary:   Sam and Hope meet up in New York for a stroll, dinner, and some more catching up.

Hope steps out of the Rolls Royce as Sven the driver holds the door open. She nods to him and says a few soft words before heading towards the sunken plaza. She can't wait till winter when they get the ice rink up and running. She would love to skate again. Not that she's all that good at it but it's fun none the less. It doesn't take long to spot the blonde head attached to the boy sitting on the bench and she tip toes up behind him with a grin, covering his eyes and not saying a word.

Sam 's eyes are vobered, and hmmms a bit to this "suzie, I told ya, can't play now Ah'm waiting on my cosuin." He grins and reaches back to tickle you as he says "Hi Hoho, I was wondering if you were gonna make it."

Hope grins a bit and play swats him on the shoulder. "Suzie huh?" she teases as she leans over and kisses his cheek, squirming a bit and giggling before slipping out of the tickle grip, before walking around and sitting next to him on the bench. "We ran into a little traffic on the way down from Boston. But better late than never right?" she says beaming. "So...have you found a place to stay?"

Sam nods, and says "Yea, found a place, and a job, but not sure what your gonna think of it." He looks to her, and takes her hand squeezeing it softly

Hope tilts her head a little and smiles. "Why's that? " she asks. Why on earth would she have problems with it? "I'm sure that you found something nice. Oh I got a construction job right?"

Sam shakes, his head, and makes sure his hold on her hand is gentle. "I am working at my old school, as a teacher and a councler." He looks into her eyes "I can find out exactly what happened, and make sure it doesn't again."

Hope still looks confused for a moment, until it sinks in where he is talking about. "You mean...." her voice trails off quietly. Her eyes shift slightly as she takes in this news and processes it.

Sam rubs your hand with his other and says "I son't know all that happened Hoho, but I will find out, and will make sure, the person behind it all gets his ass kicked." His words ring with a conviction there. "But there is also some kids there who need guidance, and a friend, and well Ah think Ah am used to helping take care of a house full."

Hope doesn't speak for a long time. There's a lot going on behind those big green eyes. When she does finally look up she nods and squeezes his hand back "I....I'm glad. I's good to know that there is someone there to watch out for the nice folk. Like the Angel Girl." There's an odd ring of firmness to he voice, perhaps a little bit of a hardness to her tone that is all too alien to her.

Sam looks to you, and says "I hope one day you feel comfortable comeing there, but I know it will take some time hon. I can meet you here or in Boston rather easily though."

Hope forces a smile to her face and nods. She's trying to put on the brave face for him. "We're family...we'll always find a way to be together. Maybe....maybe one day I'll be able to come there again but..." she shakes her head "I really don't think I want to see that boy again. He...." she looks down again "he scares me."

Sam slides closer, and rubs her sides. HE does wonder how h ewill get the truth to her, that it was someone else but he is not sure yet. HE looks to her, and changes the subject a bit "So, you skate up here?

Hope leans her head on his shoulder as he slides closer and nods a bit as he asks. "I want to. I think I used to do this a lot. It feels familiar." she answers. "I know I used to ice skate back home in the winter but..." she shrugs a little. The memories are coming back slow but they are coming back.

Sam grins and says "Ah fell on my rear a few times out there. Dani, and Rahne enjoyed coming here. Luckily Bobby wasn't the best at it either, so I didn't look the fool alone.

Hope smiles as she listens to him talk. "I need to meet these friends of yours." she says with a small chuckle. That mischievious look creeps over her face.

Sam says "Well there is one at the school now, but thats the only one of those who are about there.""

Hope giggles softly.. "Too bad...I was gonna make sure they knew some of the more embarassing stories about ya." she teases and looks up at him to gauge his reaction.

Sam smirks, and says "Oh you wanna go there/ I rember some photo's ma has, that I wager you would not want in your school paper." He grins teaseing right back at her.

Hope laughs and tickles his ribs a bit. "Samuel Guthrie! You wouldn't! " she says and then tilts her head a bit "It's not the....the bathtub photos is it?"

Sam chuckles, and grins more as you tickle. he doesn't answer thw question there, just grins some more. He looks to her now, and says "Now, what ya wanna do today hon?"

Hope laughs a bit and bumps him slightly with her elbow. So mean. Leaving ehr wondering. "I don't know...maybe a walk in teh park or grab a bite to eat. " Not to mention broach the subject of Emma with him again but she's gettting to that.

Sam hmms, and says "Either one is good for me, today is your day Hoho, so you get to choose." HE grins a bit

Hope grins and stands pulling him up with her. "Alright then, let's not loaf around then..There's a little resturant in the park I wanted to try. " she says as she glances over to Sven and nods her head for the driver to go on without her.

Sam stands and lets his cousin lead him around. His hand holding hers. He smiles a bit as time with family helps releave any tenssion he himself feels

Restraining from skipping, Hope leads Sam, arm in arm, towards Central Park. "I'll be staying at Aunt Emma's social club while I'm in town. I don't have any classes for a little while so I thought I'd stay close. You know where it is don't you?"

Sam twitches a bit at this, and says "Yea, I know where it is." He says truely not likeing this, as he rembers the days he was one of the hellfire club's soldiers under Pierce.

Hope nods with a smile, missing the twitch and guiding him towards the park. "I've never seen anything as elegant and lavish. I swear Momma would have a heart attack if she saw it. Straight out of a magazine, it looks."

Sam walks along and asks "Do, you talk to many others while your there?"

Central Park -- New York City

Amidst the glades and copses and rock outcrops carefully crafted throughout the park are more than five million trees. Cross town traffic blessedly goes beneath the park, keeping the park isolated from the city other than the skyscraper horizon above the trees. The buildings along Fifth Avenue and Central Park West truly make the park seem as if it is a piece of wilderness dropped in the middle of the city. Here you can find the Great Lawn, Shakespeare Garden, Belvedere Castle, The Lake, The Ramble, Bethesda Terrace, and Strawberry Fields.

Hope shrugs a little as she walks arm in arm with Sam. The family resemblance is obvious in the two as they walk side by side. "Not really. I mean, I try but....they're really not too talkative there. Sometimes...." she hesitates and blushes a little, thinking it's silly "Sometimes..they act like they're kinda scare of me...but for the life of me I don't know why."

Sam smirks a bit at this, and nods, as he realizes this one. He looks over to her, and says "so, how long you known Emma?"

Hope spots the Tavern on the Green and steers them towards it before lokking back up at Sam. "Oh...just since I was taken to her place. About...." she thinks back "four months or so now? Why do you ask?" Yep, she's still as naive and clueless as ever. But hey, that's a good sign right? Seems Emma hasn't tried to corrupt her or anything.

Sam says "Just curious hon, just curious." He says as he walks along with her, and says "And you wanna see something embaressing hon, you should have seen me learning to dance."

Tavern on the Green -- Central Park

The decor here is rather understanted in its elegance. The floor is a highly polished dark hardwood, and what little wall space isn't taken up with huge picture windows opening into the park is either paneled with wood or painted a bright fresh white. The park has been brought into the restaurant a bit, greenery hangs throught the restaurant and trees sit in pots in the corners. Tables and booths are nestled about the room, some with priceless views. There is a small open air courtyard enclosed by a wooden fence for outdoors dining. The dining area is almost always crowded, and the clientele tends to be upscale.

Hope giggles at the thought of that as they enter the resturant. "You learned how to dance? Oh boy! I remember at Sally Masterson's barn dance how you kept stepping on her toes. She was fit to be tied." She nods to the matire 'de and says "Table for two, reservations are under Winters sir." She's still ever the polite one.

Sam nods his head, and looks to her. "Had to take ballet, when I got to school up here. I got a passing ability, aint really done that type in years though

Hope walks to the table that the the maitre 'de leads them of the best tables in the house. She nods to him and takes her seat, letting him scoot it up for her. Once gone she picks up the menu and looks it over, trying to keep from laughing but finally failing. "I just can't imagine you in tights."

At the table, Sam says "You think that is funny, one day when you feel more comfortable with going to the school I will show ya some things very funny.""

Hope smiles and nods a bit. "Maybe." is all she'll say about that. "So what sort of things are you teaching up there?"

At the table, Sam says "Well mainly physical things, and being there for them, as someone who has been through it"

At the table, Sam says "ooc tt message to talk at table hon"

At the table, Hope nods as she sips from her water glass. "But...what exactly is 'it'. I mean...what is it you've been through. There's a whole lot about ya Sammy that I don' t know about."

At the table, Sam leans across the table and softly says "I was a super hero hoho."

At the table, Hope whispers "I know that part and about like, well, Asgard like you told me. But I mean....I mean like everything. There must have been so much. I can't even begin to imagine."

At the table, Sam says "Well with time you will know hon, but limited to say I been across places people thing are magic, and I been across the galazys to different planets, and met aliens hon.""

At the table, Hope just sits in silence and stares. Magic places /and/ outter space. "Oh NASA or mean...there's really life out there? What are they like? Do they look like us? Do they speak out language?"

At the table, Sam loooks to her, and says "There are all kinds, some look like us some don't and naturally, our language no, but they can learn it, and not exactly Nasa, is how I got there, but I got there

At the table, Hope reaches across and takes one of his hands in hers "I know it's sinful of me, but I envy ya Sammy. You got these super powers that make ya strong and ya see all these places and meet all these people. I'd give anything to be like you."