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Over the Rainbow
Submitted 28 November 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   28 November 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Hope, Paul
Locale:   Sony Theatres, Grammercy Park, New York City
Summary:   o/~ Some day I'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me. / Where troubles melt like lemon drops oh way above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me...o/~ A revival of The Wizard of Oz at the movie theatre draws two friends

Ah a showing of Wizard of Oz! Hope can't believe her luck. It's one of her all time favorite movies and she finally gets to see it on the big screen! Woohoo!! She stands in line to get her ticket from the counter, juggling the bucket of popcorn and uber large soda in her hands. She looks like a kid in a candy store on free candy day.

Ok, so it's not exactly the best movie for a goth to see...but damnit, he's an artist...and some of that scenery is gorgeous. He grabs his coke and starts walking by, the hood of his cloak down, but he still wears his sunglasses...freak. Who needs a ticket when you can walk through shadows?

Hope looks over and spots the hooded person and giggles a little. She thinks it's cute that the tough people try to pretend they don't like this movie. It's a classic. She tries to move her popcorn and manages to send buttery popcorny pieces flying up and towards the boy. "Oh!..I'm so sorry" she says after she has scrambled to grab the popcorn tub.

The word...clutz...springs to mind as Paul turns to look at the person that just spilt popcorn on him. He blinks behind his shades and smiles, "It's quite all right Hope. I don't mind." He raises his shades and looks at her with hie ice blue eyes, "Going to see the movie I take it?"

Hope smiles brightly as she sees who it is and nods "It's one of my all time favorite. I can't wait to see it on the big screen. All those colors and the attention to detail. I love it." She reaches out to brush a little popcorn off his shoulder and giggles a little. "Guess I should have gone for the small popcorn. Who would have imagined the medium would be so large.

Paul chuckles a little and reaches out to take her popcorn. "How about I hold this till you sit down kay?" He smirks a little and shakes his head, "It's a semi decent movie...I only watch it for the art involved. The colors are wonderful, and the way they do the Emerald City..." he just smiles. "Bet you never thought to see a goth actually like this movie."

Hope hands over the popcorn with a chuckle. "Might be a good idea." She moves as the line moves and reaches the ticket counter. She looks over at Paul and tells the ticket girl "Two please." and slides the money across be fore looking over at Paul with a grin. "Actually. I'm not. It's a movie for everyone. I just get tickled when people try to pretend they don't like it. I mean...what's not to like." She takes the tickets and moves down the hallway with Paul. "I swear everytime I hear Judy Garland sing Over the Rainbow I get all teary eyed."

Paul stiffens a little as she buys him a ticket, but he doesn't mention anything about it. He smiles at her as the tickets are passed back, "I have no intention of saying I don't like the movie, I just prefer it for other reasons than most. But it is an interesting story, I will give it that." As they walk down the hall, he moves the cloak over his shoulders, revealing his gloved hand, and his nifty little bracelet/ring/claw combination. "So how is the rich life hun?"

Hope shrugs a little and smiles, reaching over to grab a single piece of popcorn from the bucket. "About the same as any I suppose. Though I won't deny there are some perks." She pops the popcorn into her mouth and chews a little. "It helped me have an awesome costume for Halloween and get Geneva that gift from Tiffany's oh and the wedding reception. So..It's nice if for nothing else than being able to do things for the people that are so nice." Nope she's not mentioning the thousands she gave to the charity at the Halloween ball. No need for it.

Paul nods his head a little, "I bet it would have perks. I haven't had to worry about cash since I left home, so yeah." He grins and chuckles, "I was meaning to tell you that you looked very pretty at the wedding. But at the reception...I didn't get a chance to talk to you, to busy I suppose for little ole me." He smiles a little.

Hope chuckles softly as they enter the theatre. "You have no idea...making sure all the music and the food and the bar and..well everything to make sure it was perfect." She finds a row with two seats side by side and makes her way into them with many an excuse me along the way. She takes a seat and waits for Paul to sit down. "But thank's very sweet of you to say so." From her tone it's clear she takes it as he was just being polite. "Geneva was just radiant though wasn't she?"

Paul smiles as they move down the aisle...apparently they are sitting together. Spiffy. He follows her, but without the excuse me's. "I was being serious looked great, but always look great to me." He smiles and sits down next to her, "Yes...she did. I'm happy for her, I really am. I was starting to wonder if they would EVER tie the knot.

Hope is glad for the low light to hide the blush that comes across her cheeks at his words. "Well thank you." she says quietly and crosses her legs as she settles into her seat comfortably. "It was all just so....perfect. Mr. Magnus was such a nice man to announce the reception for me. I couldn't have gotten up there in front of all those people and spoken. Brr." She mock shivers 'Gives me the willies just thinkin about it."

Paul chuckles softly, "Awww, you would have done fine hun. You got up in front of all those people for Gen remember?" He nudges her with his elbow gently, "Besides, either was fun. I haven't met half of the people before, and I got my chance to mingle."

Hope nods and then seems to remember something. "Oh did you stick around for the bouquet toss and garter throw? It was perfect. My little extended family might be getting bigger if fate has it's way." She grins as she looks side long at Paul.

Paul chuckles, "I would just like to know...who would take the other's name if it DID happen. Scott Frost, or Ms Emma Summers." He leans back and lets out soft laughter, "They both have such nice ring's to them." He shakes his head and looks at her with a tilted head, "I had no idea your god-mother had feelings for Scott."

Hope grins and nods "I know. I mean I knew they knew each other but I never knew he was her beau. It's so cute." She looks around at the people that continue to file in, glad that they got there early. "Though I don't tease her too much about it. Oh no! I learned my lesson quick about that one." Now that sounds ominous doesn't it?

Paul chuckles, "I was under the impression that they didn't like each other at all. At least that is what egghead said to me. But then, while the cat is away the mice will play right?" He grins and shakes his head, "I'm sorry...I would not want to cross Ms Frost on anything. I've read her bio at the mansion, and from what it has is wise to stay on her good side always.

Hope nods emphatically to Paul with a grin. "Oh yeah, she will tease you mercilessly and embarass you from here to yonder!" she exclaims. "No sooner than I got a good couple lines on her she started in on me about Connor. Oh my..." Nope...she's never heard the bad things about Emma and thinks only the best of her.

Well Paul has seen the hero fixation he's not about to burst her bubble. "When I first met her...she was helping a friend of mine out to set up his book he was trying to get published." To bad he hasn't see John since then...pity. "I have been meaning to come out to the academy and check it out, but things have been beyond my control recently." He turns bodily in his chair with a faint smiles, and that knowing look. "Ohhh...Connor...boyfriend?"

Hope giggles and hides her face behind a handfull of popcorn, eating it one piece at a time as she shakes her head. "Nooo.. not a boyfriend." she says but the little girlish grin definitely gives away her crush. "He's just a friend. Really." She looks up at him and grins "But noone seems to think that. I can't figure out why."

Paul can't get that shit eatting grin off his face, "Hmm...maybe it's that little sound in your voice. Maybe it's the fact your cheeks are crimson...or perhaps it's that grin on your face. Of course, I could be imagining all these things." He takes a drink of his soda and shakes his head, "I don't need to talk to him and make sure he minds his manners do I?" There's that big brother syndrome all guys have coming out.

Hope laughs and tosses a piece of popcorn at Paul. "No you don't. He's a perfect gentleman." she says and smiles. "He's just..charming and sweet and heoric. Oh..he's Irish too. The cutest accent and big puppy dog eyes." She giggles as she shares this. It's hard to keep it in when you're walking on air. "I'm hoping he'll come with me to Katrin's party and you and she can both meet him. I..I don't think Aunt Emma is too impressed with him though. She kinda caught him on a bad day." she finishes with a thoughtful little frown.

Paul raises an eyebrow at her, "I think I will still have a little chat with our dear Connor if you don't mind hun. Maybe at the party" there are some interesting torture rooms underneath the main floor. He tilts his head a little, "Are you trying to convince me to fall in love with the man? Or yourself." He grins and shakes his head, "Hun...I'll be honest with you. Your god-mother probobly will not like ANY man you bring to meet her. She cares to much about you to see you get hurt. And if he does hurt you, if Emma doesn't take care of it...I will." Not a threat...that's a promise.

Hope grins and waves a hand dismissively. "Oh you sound like my older brothers. Besides, he's not the hurting kind. Really...he's sweet. But I'd love you to meet him. He's a very nice boy." Did she just fallout of the 50's or what?!?! "The only thing I don't like?...Well I offered to do a painting for him of anything he wanted but I never dreamed he'd want one of me. I am so rotten at self portraits."

Paul smiles and bows his head a little, "I take that as a compliment." He smiles at her, "See if he will come...I'll see if I can get an extra invite from Kat for yah." He listens to her for a moment, "If you would like hun...I can come by the academy one of these days, and while I'm there...I'll paint you if you want."

Hope tilts her head "You would? Really?" she says as she watches his expression. She seems a little relieved by this and exhales "Good cause...I really hate doing those. I had to do these self protraits for school one time.. Ugh." she makes a face and reaches for some more popcorn. "I'm sure Aunt Emma wouldn't mind if you came by. "

Paul nods, "She has said to me that I mearly needed to call ahead before coming. I don't mind painting you, but it depends on if you can tolerate my company for a length of time." He smiles a little, but there's a touch of saddness in his voice, "I don't usually entertain guests as you can see." He sighs a little and looks back at her, "But I would love to paint you. You are a beautiful young lady and any guy would kill to be in your company."

Hope smiles to him sweetly and his kind words. "You're too sweet Paul. Of course I'd love to be in your company. You're a great person." And the sincerity in her voice is clear. She's not one that can lie well. She reaches over and pats his hand gently in her own warm way. She reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out a box of Rasienettes and opens it before offering him one cause..ya know..can't have a movie without Rasienettes. "It'll be fun...Oh have you met Joy? She's my friend there. Like a big sister to me."

Paul snorts a little, "I speak the truth Hope, there is nothing to be gained by lying. You are a beautiful woman...and if I was not already in love with Katrin, I would ask you out in a second." Now it's his turn to blush as he turns look at her, "I'm not a good person, and I never will be. I've done things I'm not proud of, but I did them for the right reasons. I am me, nothing more." He catches her pat in his palm and gives hera gentle squeeze, "Ever since I first met you I've wanted to get to know you more. You know what I am, but you were not afraid to help watch over me when my gift grew...I will always be enternatly grateful for that." He gives her a squeeze again before releasing her hand. "I've met Joy...once, when they brought me to the mansion.

The lights dim and the screen lights up as the opening credits begin to roll with cinematic flair. Hope smiles over to Paul and takes his hand with a squeeze and whispers "You'll always be a good person to me Paul. Always."