Mutatis Mutandis
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  Roleplay Logs Archive Thirteen

13 September 2000    IHOP Explosion
Submitted on 14 September 2000 by Abigail.
Abigail, Nightcrawler, Praedoran and Christopher are frequenting a local IHOP when chaos strikes.
9 September 2000    The Closing of the Mists
Submitted on 10 September 2000 by Abigail.
Nightcrawler, Praedoran and Abigail are still stuck in the faerie mists with Thann.
8 September 2000    Mutants in the Mists
Submitted on 9 September 2000 by Praedoran.
Abigail, Praedoran and Nightcrawler find themselves in the faerie mists where they meet Thann.
8 September 2000    Old Ties and Passing Propositions
Submitted on 15 August 2001 by Sabretooth.
Magneto manifests his magnificence for Creed, only to have his clownness emphasized by Ruckus' arrival. Oh hey, and Ruckus dies too.
29 July 2000    Avoiding Faerieland
Submitted on 8 September 2001 by Multiple Man.
Jamie encounters Matthew in the park along with Praedoran. He only barely keeps from going to Faerieland.
29 July 2000    In the Mist
Submitted on 15 August 2001 by Mole.
Lost in the Faerie Mist, Mole isn't pleased that he gets bothered by actual people.
25 July 2000    Late Night Snacks
Submitted on 7 September 2001 by Selene.
Selene goes out to the park for a quick late night snack and happens upon Walter and Malcolm.
24 July 2000    Saving Toad
Submitted on 5 August 2001 by Unuscione.
When called to the Xavier Mansion by Magneto, Unuscione never imagined that she would end up saving Toad.
16 July 2000    Another New Student
Submitted on 12 September 2001 by Mirage.
On her way out of the kitchen, Dani meets Bruce, one of the schools new students, and tries to help him get settled in.
2 July 2000    Into the Mist
Submitted on 15 August 2001 by Mole.
Mole gets chased into Faerieland by MiBs.
15 May 2000    It's Magic!
Submitted on 15 August 2001 by Mole.
Mole finds that the Blue Moon holds a lot more than just incense and crystals.
25 March 2000    Becoming Elite
Submitted on 6 August 2001 by Unuscione.
Unuscione meets with Magneto and learns that she has a lot to learn before she measures up to his standards.
24 March 2000    Being Evil
Submitted on 15 August 2001 by Mole.
Mole almost decides to kill Ellie for looking at him.
23 March 2000    DON'T HIT TOAD!!
Submitted on 5 August 2001 by Unuscione.
Unuscione is out having fun when in walks Magneto. He makes her an offer and leaves her with Toad, whom she doesn't like one bit.
23 March 2000    Ghosts
Submitted on 20 August 2001 by Thunderbird.
Jim tries going to Xavier's for help, but the Mansion is gone and only Jean is there. He's not sure why, but he can't stop thinking about his brother.
21 March 2000    Ten Million People and Warren
Submitted on 8 September 2001 by Multiple Man.
Jamie's out for a walk, away from the Mansion to get away from the angst. Of course he runs into a broody Warren.
15 March 2000    Displays
Submitted on 15 August 2001 by Mole.
Mole browses the Blue Moon.
31 October 1999    A Very Vampire Halloween or Buffet Buffy Style
Submitted on 7 November 1999 by Mystique.
Lilith plans to make Halloween her final push against the X-Men, and succeeds, though not in the way she'd intended. She rallies her minions and crashes a party being held at Warren's place. The story begins in a burnt out church with Lilith and Megera, w
30 September 1999    A Simple Walk
Submitted on 1 October 1999 by Ellie.
Frank, Ellie and Max are taking a simple walk from the Xavier mansion to a nearby convenience
20 September 1999    A Lesson for Megera
Submitted on 15 August 2001 by Logan.
In an attempt to have a danger room session, folks end up getting a show from Megera instead.