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Kin from Kentucky
Submitted 10 October 2003 by Hope.
IC Date:   8 October 2003
Point of View:   Hope
Participants:   Cannonball, Emma Frost, Hope
Locale:   The Quad, Massachusettes Academy
Summary:   When you can't go home, sometimes home comes to you.

A halo of sun streaked, honey golden curls float around this woman's deeply bronzed face with lighter pale blonde streaks highlighting it. The sides are pulls up and back in the front by a hair clasp creating almost a crown effect of curls, though stray sun-kissed tendrils wisp and curl around her face to frame it softly, the rest of the curls being pulled abck into a loose ponytail by a tasteful clasp. Sun bleached golden eyebrows frame her somewhat almond shaped bright green eyes, aided by the long sweeping golden eyelashes. Her small button-like nose has a faint hint of pink to it from hours in the sun and her cheeks glow with a healthy bronze. Her full rose hued lips looking even paler in comparison to her tanned face have no need of any artificial hue but are covered by a clear gloss. She stands 5'6 in shoes and her slender frame shows evidence of having also been touched by the sun's rays, a golden bronze color showing from any exposed portion of her body.
A fashion plate of Cream and white, Hope's designer duds, cause her sun darkened skin to stand out all the more. A short sleeved white cashmere sweater from Oscar de la Renta covers her upper torso with soft folds that compliment her figure well. A white ribbon with a cameo pendant of ivory and pearl design hangs down to mid chest. If one were to open it they'd find a picture of Hope's mother on one side and a picture of her God-mother, Emma, on the other. The sweater is untucked over a long creme colored A-line skirt that flares out just slightly at the end, near her ankles where a pair of dark brown, glossy boots cover her tiny feet. A delicate shawl of fine silk, woven into an intricate design of Celtic knotwork is draped around her shoulders and rests over the crease of her elbows.

Samuel Guthrie stands about six foot two or three inches tall. This tall lanky southerner walks tall and proud and appears to be in his late teens to possibly early twenties.
Sam has blonde hair that has been styled so that is looks well but has a bit of a wind blown appearance to it. His blue-gray eyes look out at the world, and seem to speak of a maturity that makes one think this young man has grown up quicker than he years show. He has finally grown into his features, and gone is most of the lanky quality from his youth. His features fit him well, only a hint of the sharpness that was there in the past left in them.
Starting at his feet, you take in what this young man wears. A pair of timberland boots that seem to have seen better days, but appear to be holding up well. He wears a pair of navy-blue jeans, a black belt holding them up. He wears a dark red T-shit, that says Lila Cheney Tour in black letters across the front, and over it, a blue and light gray plaid, long sleeve, flannel, button up shirt. His clothing looks like he has had them a while but has kept them in good condition.


It's late in the afternoon, bordering on evening and all classes have been done for about a half an hour. Hope sits in her favorite spot in the quad on the ground under a gigantic oak tree, it's leaves turning colors in the autumn air and blowing with a slightly noisey clatter. Art was the last class of the day and Hope winds down by sketching. Lost in her own little world she sits with her charcoal pencil in hand and covering the page in short quick strokes as she shades the sky in the landscape that she is drawing.

Sam gets directed to find her, and as he sees her, he walks over that way, stopping just one tree from her, as he leans against the tree and smiles. His arms crossed, and he wonders how long she will take to notice him.

Hope does sit for quite a while sketching away, the world around her blocked out. Ah, some things never change. Hopeless Hope seems to be one of them. When she looks up again to take in the landscape she blinks a few times, a scared look on her face at first until it registers who exactly it is leaning against the tree and staring at her. "S...Sammy?" she says softly, hoping she isn't hallucinating.

Sam grins and nods his head, as he says "In the flesh, girl." He smiles and starts to walk over towards you "Something never change, you could have a a bear walk up nuzzle ya and walk away and you would just be mad, he messed up ya drawing.":

Hope grins after a moment, as the memories trickle in. Summers at the lake, Christmas holidays, catching frogs and tadpoles in the creek, riding the cow to prove they could. It comes slow but she remembers. She stands and brushes off her clothes crossing the space to him and hugging him tightly. "How on earth did ya find me here? Oh wait...Momma right?"

Sam grins and hugs you picking you up off your feet. and says "Word got through a few ways, and well looks like I came at just the right time hon." He kisses her forhead. "You've grown girl."

Hope practically beams with happiness and squeals a little as she's picked up. "Looks like I'm not the only one tha's grown. Oh my's so good to see you." she says as she kisses his cheek and steps back once she's on her feet again to take a good look at him. "How's the rest of the Guthrie clan? Paige still puttin frogs your bed?"

Sam grins, a bit, and says "NA, she is turning into a right pretty young lady these days. Mom is doing better, Josh and Joelle are working and it looks like we are gonna have a local farm boy around here.

Hope tilts her head, not getting it at first. "Here?" she says and her voice tapers off as it dawns on her and she squeals again!! "You mean...? Oh that's wonderful Sammy. You're going to come to the Academy too? Oh Aunt Emma...oh I have to introduce you to her..she's the most wonderful person in the'll love her!" Yep it seems Hope still rattles on and babbles when she's excited. Similar to how she speaks when feeling awkward or scared but without the stutter.

Sam tries to keep the frown from showing, but it does show just a bit "Ah don't know about the Acadamey, I plan on getting a job, and finding an apartment, I crashed with some friends last night, there a place, where we can talk hon?

Hope loses some of that over enthusiastic sense as she detects the slight frown. She nods and runs over to gather her things quickly before walking back over to him. "We can go to the house. I'm sure Aunt Emma won't mind. I're family and all." She points to the mansion like place behind the faculty housing.

Sam hmms, and says "Well she did offer us to come back at any tume." He says softly under his breath as he watches you. He walks over to help you gather the things

Hope glances a bit questioningly at Sam as he mumbles to himself. Did she hear right or did he say come back? No she must have heard him wrong. Surely. She tucks away her pencils and flips the page on her sketch book closed. "You hungry? I'm sure I could ask the cook to whip something up or we could just have peanut butter and crackers. or something." She stands and starts to head towards the house.

Sam smiles a bit, and looks into your eyes and says "WEll we willl figure somethign out hon." He grins and offers his hand, to have you lead him to the house.

Hope smiles and nods and has to refrain from skipping as they walk to the house. She's walking on air, like when she re-met her family and began to know them again. "Alright. This way Sammy boy...I promise I won't lead you through the briar patch this time."

Sam grins and says "Yea, I rember that, I was picking thorns out of mah hide for a week." HE grins and says "But I do rember finding a heap of crawdads in her lunch box.

They travel to Emma's apartment.

Hope giggles slightly as the memory of that trickles up from the hidden recesses. Other memories follow this and she smiles to herself. "But those crawdads were sure tasty when Mamma cooked 'em up." she says with a grin. She leads Sam into the apartment that is more like a penthouse that she shares with Emma Frost. "Here we are, Home Sweet Home. " she says as she drapes her satchel on the coat rack and heads into the kitchen.

Sam nods, and says "Well hope, seems, there is some things you and I need to talk about. Some secrets, we been keeping apart."

Hope pulls the refridgerator door open and pauses, turning her head to look at Sam confused a moment before she grabs the juice and sets it on the counter, moving on to pull out two glasses from the cabinets. "Secrets?" she says not understanding.

Sam nods, and pulls somethiung out of his back pocket, and then you look back over to him, he has a keychain out, and hanging on it, is a card with a familiar X symbol.

Hope glances over at him as he moves and then freezes in mid reach for the juice container, her eyes growing wide and fearful. "Wh...where did you..." she has to pause and gulp "get that?"

Sam loks to her, and says "Rember, I went off to a private school in new york hon?" He asks, as he moves to you, pocketing it again

Hope's hand shakes a little. "No..." she shakes her head "Not /that/ place. Please say it's not that place." Well it seems Hope is familiar with the school. But is it the mutants that scare her? You wouldn't think so living in a place like this and with mutants she wouldn't be. But something sure seems to have spooked her.

Sam moves to hug you and says "Hope, hon, I was told someoen messed with your mind there, and I am gonna find them, no one is gonna hurt ya, you got Sam Gunthrie here now, and you know I will watch after you.

Hope lays her head on his shoulder, shaking it a little. " wasn't that...They...there's boys there that..." She bites her bottom lip as she feels it wobble a little, her voice shakey and near a whisper "it wasn't my mind.."

Sam rubs your sides, and says "Well I am here now hon, your got Sam Guthrie, aka Cannonball."

Hope looks up.."Cannonball?" Apparently she never saw the class photos with him in them, but then again if she had she wouldn't have remembered them at the time. No real memory came back till she came here to Emma's.

Sam nods, and says "Yea, I can fly with a serious force field around me, I was one of the original New mutants.

Hope looks suprised as she stares at Sam for a while, not saying anything. When she does speak it's still soft "'re a ...mutant?" Slowly she smiles again and then hugs him tightly. "That's wonderful! I mean...I"

Sam nods his head, and says "Yup, It is how I survived the mine cave in, back when I was sixteen hon. He strokes a hand through your hair, and says "I ran with the original new mutants hon. A few of them and I are still in close contact."

Hope is obviously shocked but it's apperntly not in a bad way. "That's wonderful...really. I mean....all the kids here they' you. I'm the only one that's.." She waves her hand and frowns a little. "Not special. I that way."

Sam rubs your sides and says "You are special hon, your family, and that makes ya damn special to me. I am gonna be honest with ya hon, I have had problems with Emma in the past, and her students.

Hope frowns a little again and shakes her head "But" she starts and moves away a little to hop up on the counter and sit, swinging her legs " know Aunt Emma? My god mother? I'm sure that it was just a misunderstanding, whatever it was. " Ah, still as naive as ever.

Sam shakes his head a bit aand aint gonna push it at least not yet. He looks at her, and says "So, anyone took you flying yet?"

Hope nods and smiles "Sure has. There was this wonderful woman that took me away from...that place after..." she shakes her head a little to push the bad thoughts away. "Well anyway, Aysia took my flying in her helicopter and Aunt Emma has flown me around in the jet. It's so pretty up there. Looking down at everything."

Sam grins and says "Now, that aint flying, you wanna feel what it is really like to fly?" His eyes sparkle, with a bit osf mischieff as he looks out back.

Hope grins and tilts her head to the side as she looks at him. "Samuel're up to something. I /know/ that look." She swings her legs back and forth a bit more and laughs.

Sam walks over to you and scoops you over his shoulder, as he carries you towards the backdoor.

Hope lets out a little high pitched yell and laughs "Sammy! What are you doing?" She can't help but to laugh as memories of them running around playing tag on a hot summer day. Just as it did at home, being around those that she knew the best help the memories to come back to the girl that a few months ago was a blank slate.

Sam opens the backdoor and looks around, and after seeing no one around, you see there seems to be a orangeish glow encmopasing you and him, and his legs look like they are aflame. He look there is Emma's house, and it is getting smaller and smaller.

Hope gasps as she realizes what is happening. She clutches onto Sam tight and closes her eyes, that momentary fear of being up so high sending her brain reeling like when you step on a roller coaster for the first time. "S..S..Sammy?"

Sam grins and says "I got ya HoHo, I got ya." He smiles and levels out once he has got up to a decent view altitude, and says "Open your eyes, your safe with me."

Hope's grip on his neck stays tight and slowly she peeks out with one eye first, with a huge intake of air as her eyes fly open almost comically wide as she sees the ground below. "Oh my gosh!" She looks up at Sam and then back down at the ground then back at him quickly. "This so.....NEAT!"

Sam smiles and zooms around holding you close. HE looks about and he sees an old building that has some construction equipment around it, but it is late enough all the people are gone from it

Hope giggles uncontrolably with a huge smile on her face. Probably the first real big 'Hope' smile since everything has happened to her. She doesn't let go of him though, keeping her death grip in place. "You better not drop me Samuel Guthrie or I'll put crickets in your shorts." she teases.

Sam smirks a bit, and looks to you as he says "They tearing that building down?" He asks as he points with one hand, grinning widely.

Hope nods a bit. "I think so..They've been at it for a while. " She stops as she speaks and looks back up at him suspiciously. "Why do you ask?" Oh yeah..he's grinning waaaaaaay too much.

Sam grins and says "Lets give them a hand." HE dives straight for the upper floros of the bulding, as he scans about makeing sure the debreis area is not got any people in it.

Hope squeals and her hold around his neck goes from just hands to both arms wrapped and holding on for dear life. "Sammy you're gonna get us both killed! I..I haven't even remembered all my life yet. I want to be able to know what I'm seeing flash before my eyes when it's time! Oooooh!" There's no use, she knows. He has that /look/ on his face. As they near for impact she squeezes her eyes closed out of instinct.

Sam grins and crashes through the building laughing at your reaction, and before he can say much you and he are through and he is takeing a wide turn "Open ya eyes."

"Uh uh..." Hope protests at first but curiousity, her achilles heel, gets the best of her and she peeks out as they take another turn.

Sam is lineing up on the building and you can see the Sam and Hope size hole in the building "KEep your eyes open this time?"

Hope bites her bottom lip a little "I'll try." And somehow she does manage to do just that, amazed that they lived through it the first time.

Sam crashes throught it again as he says "Aint much of anythign that can hurt me or anything I am carrying while I am blasting HoHo." He smiles in a wide turn back towrds the apartment

Hope is speechless as she watches herself and her cousin literally go /through/ a building. She watches the scene go by, all the pretty golds and reds of the trees turning colors and then over the stables where she points enthusiastically "There's favorite horse."

Sam grins and as you and he land he says "I would have went closer, but it often spooks animals for me to zoom by like this.

Hope is still white knuckle gripping at her cousin as they land. She just doesn't trust her knees to hold her completely yet. "Oh my gosh! Why did you never tell me this before? This I"

Sam grins and rubs your back, and says "Well when I first went, it was for all's protection, and then when I came back, well You ended up leaveing."

Hope lets go with one arm as she tests her wobbly knees before letting go all the way. "Do you remember much about when I left for school or maybe holidays or anything? When I came back?" She asks cautiously as she walks a bit towards the apartment again. She could use that OJ now.

Sam nods, and walks in the back dooe behind her, and says "Yea,, must admit I never heard what school you were at, all I ever heard was boston.

Hope walks over to the abandoned glasses and orange juice container. "Well I was at least that's what people tell me. I had a room there. visited it once so I guess that much is right." She shrugs a little as she pours the juice. "To be honest, most of the stuff between this past summer and well....childhood is kinda fuzzy."

Sam says "I met someoen who knows ya from NYU, last night. A girl named Amy?" He asya s as he leans against the bar, and takes a glass if you offer him one."

Hope finishes pouring and slides a glass over to Sam as she takes a seat on one of the stools. "Amy....Amy..." Her forehead furrows as she thinks "I can't recall an Amy...was she a roommate?"

Sam says "I think she said she took some classes with you, she seemd about our ages, has a kid?" HE says as he takess a sip of his juice, and says "Met he in New york.""

With an unfamiliar presence discovered within her apartment, the Queen decides that typical administrative duties can... wait. Sliding out of the white limosuine that parked so neatly, silently, invisibly in the open garage below the faculty apartment facility, Emma casts her gaze toward the ceiling with a small frown taking place of the typical thin line that is settled upon her thin lips. A quick mental command alerts the vigilant security, who in turn replies with another thought from clear up to the gate.

Clasping her hands at the small of her back, the White Queen gaits herself with no hurry toward the stairs going up into the complex proper. The dress heels click upon the stoneworked stairs, and she ascends into the first floor hallway. Within a moment, the Headmistress of the Academy is just outside of her own door, hands unclasping to reach within her small purse and gain her keys. A little jingle just on the other side of the entrance may alert the attentive that the Queen has returned.

Hope shakes her head "Doesn't ring a bell. But.." she shrugs a little. "That's kinda normal with me nowdays. Heck I didn't even know that I was in love with a vam..." She cuts herself off and quickly takes a drink of juice to disguise it. Oh yeah, all normal. See? Hope hears that jingle and looks up quickly, a bright smile coming to her face as she hops off the stool and announces "Aunt Emma is home!" She nearly races to the front door to meet her 'Aunt' with the wonderful news of her cousin being here to see her, ready with a smile and a hug.

Sam 's brow raises first at this in love with commment, as he is fixing to ask about this, then the other news is spoken. That bit of a frown returns, and he follows Hope, to see this, and woonders who mokied with her mind. Master Mind, or the lady who helped jump start many a new mutant into puberty.

The latch is unlocked without difficulty, and the handle turned. The door is gently pushed open, and Emma passes through the threshold, arctic blue eyes all ready slicing across her domain to pierce dear Samuel, metaphorically. She doesn't ask, but she doesn't probe, either. Her frigid eyes warm only when they rip from Sam's figure to settle upon Hope. "Good evening, Ms. Winters. I've returned. I see you've brought... company."

Hope can't contain herself. She's just too happy. She has her favorite cousin here and her Aunt Emma. She hugs the Queen and then turns from her to indicate Sam with one hand. "Aunt Emma this is my cousin Sammy." The little naive girl just doesn't get it. Nope. Of course she doesn't know all the past. "He's come back to New York from Kentucky isn't that wonderful?" Watch out the girl just might start skipping....or doing the Snoopy dance, hard to tell.

Sam hmms, and smirks a bit and says "Hello Miss Frost, I belive, you once gave an open invitation to come back, so Ah didn't think you would minf me comeing to see mah cousin."

Family. That slides Sam from the 'dubious' list to the quietly accepted list, with a mere word from Hope. Emma returns the little hug with a matronly tenderness, even going so far as to place a little press of her lips to Hope's temple. Clasping both hands in front of her, Emma's eyes follow Hope's gesturing; the gaze is nowhere near as harsh as it was. "Welcome. Arrangements and accomedations shall be made," the Queen enunciates with quiet, confident canor. "You may stay as long as you wish." The Queen of White Roses moves away from the passage to close the door behind her. So long as Hope is happy, all is right.

Hope beams with happiness. See? She knew it was all just a simple misunderstanding, whatever may have happened in the past. Another shy smile is given to Emma, and the look of adoration is plain as the nose on the girl's face. Kinda the same look she used to give that silly character on that show as a kid. Power Girl. She was the neatest. Of course not as neat as the people she's met here. She looks to Emma and confides "I've been remembering all sorts of little things since Sammy showed up. Silly stuff we did as kids and all. "

Sam looks to Hope, and a small smile shows on his face also, but as he looks back to Emma ist is gone. "No, thank ya miss Frost. I need to get myself a job and my own place. if I am to stay and help look after HoHo here." He says as he stands there. He rubs Hope's shoulders, and says "Family is important, and when I heard, she could use a bit of true family about, I was on my way."

With each little Merit, Samuel's standing with Emma gets that much better. Theraputic presence is good. "Wonderful, Hope," The Queen announces with a vague smile finding her cool, regal features. Then, to Sam as he declines her hospitality, she merely remarks: "The offer is open, regardless. If you are expecting something ill of me or from me, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. You may ask Ms. Munroe and Ms. Pryde yourself - they are under my employ, by their own choice. Ms. Rachel Summers is a dear friend, and her father, Scott, is my current Beau. His brother, Alex, and his Girlfriend, Ms. Dane, are close associates." Her message is quite clear: Regardless of the past, things have... changed.

Hope smiles to Sam and leans her head against him a little. Yes the family resemblence is definitely there, though her and Paige would probably look more alike by now. My my what a little ayrian gathering there is here. Blondes,blondes, blondes. She nods as Emma speaks each name till she gets to Alex's and then something occurs to her and her cheeks turn a soft shade of pink. If Aunt Emma is seeing Scott Summers and the the first boy she ever kissed was Alex Summers then....oh boy...nope...too much with the mental circles going on in her head. Yipes. "It's true Sammy."

Sam hmmms,, a bit as he hears this, and says "Ah aint seen Scott yet, met Alex last night, while I was in New York, It is interesting to hear they are working with you, I will admit, you helped us out, with a bit of a problem, even if ya did try to keep us here. May I ask what about the original hellions?"

Emma manages to look absolutely clueless, since the Hellions are supposed to be a very quiet, secretive little group of her own personal lapdogs, much like Phylon Option. A slender brow arched in perfect curiousity silently denounces any knowledge of 'Hellions'.

Hope looks a little puzzled and turns her head towards Sam, "Hellions? Sounds like a biker gang." she says to Sam with a laugh, walking him into the living room to sit on the couch with her. "I think you must've bumped your head or something when you took us through that building." She curls her legs up under her on the couch and hugs a pillow to her. Hope looks about the happiest that Emma has probably seen her. Of course two of her most favorite people in the world are both here right now. "So what kind of work are you looking for? Are you gonna live in Boston or New York?" She goes quickly withteh questions.

Sam looks to Emma, and her denial of the Hellions, seems to just set in his opion of the woman, and he shakes his head a bit, and then looks over to Hope, and says "Not sure yet, probbaly working at a store, or maybe a resteraunt or something, and depends where I can find a cheap, safe place. Getting back and forth aint a hard thing."

Falling from grace isn't hard with Grace. Had Samuel continued about Hellions, he may had found himself suddenly having a stroke and unable to remember much about her little group at all. Emma's very touchy about the subject. While the two retreat into the living room, The Queen moves to the kitchen to fetch herself a glass of burgundy.

Hope smiles and nods as she snuggles the pillow "Maybe you can get into construction....or /de/struction." she teases and giggles. She seems perfectly at home here in this place that is so unlike where she came from but she seems happy as well. Ah but she always was the one that saw the best in everyone.

Sam Smirks, and says "Probbaly notthe best thing to be useing my powers out in the open like that, but construction might be an idea, Ah aint afraid of hard work. I have thought about putting a costume back on, on occasion

Hope toys with the edges of the pillow and grins "No you were never a slacker. Mamma always said you were a sturdy little thing, even if you did have those skinny legs back then." she chuckles as she looks up at him to see if her tease got any reaction. "Costume? Oh you mean...when you do that thing with the flying? Oh if I had the talent...I'd be doing it all the time, you know, like Superman or something. Out saving people and stuff."

Sam says "You would be amazed at some of the things I have seen, I can tell you about them some times, from my times, working along side Xavier's teams till even in asgard."

Hope looks totally suprised. "Asgard?!? Like the mythology?" Okay this kinda goes along witht he wierd psuedo memory that she had when she saw her paintings at Armand's gallery. The one of the strange mystical place that looked familiar.

Sam grins and nods as he says "You know like where Thor came from?" He has a seat beside you and says "I spent time with some dwarves while I was there."

Hope giggles and pictures the Snow White variety "The little men with the beards?" She's totally into this. Like a child listening to a bedtime story, her eyes full of childlike innocence and wonder.

Sam grins and says "Not quite the same, there were men and women, they had a king. He was a rather nice fellow.

Sam says "And there is someone I want you to meet sometime, but I gotta make sure, she is willing to come down here."

Hope brightens, imagining all sorts of people this could be. "Who? Is she from Asgard too?" Hope asks with interest.

Sam shakes his head, and says "Nope, she was a new mutant when I was." He grins and says "I think of her like a little sister, so should let you met her."

Hope ohs softly and then grins "It wouldn't happen to be a giiiirlfriend would it?" she teases in a sing songy voice and giggles. "But you keep saying New Mutants. Are there Old Mutants?"

Sam shakes hie head, and says "No, the girl I dated back then. well I aint seen her in person in some time." He offers a smile and says "Not really, but as I was jokeing with someone it is sorta the old new mutants, would be me."

Hope still doesn't really get it but she plays along "Oh..." she says nodding. Seems like even her time at Xaviers didn't tell her a lot about the teams there. Heck she never even saw the lower levels, having only dropped by the gym once and well...when she woke up in the medlab. But she really wasn't thinking too straight then. Kind of in a blind panic.

Sam hugs you and says "I don't think it was the normal people there who messed with ya hon. But you know your safe now, right?

Hope leans into him and rests her head on his shoulder. "I know. I've got you and Aunt Emma. And I've made some friends too. Joy is so sweet. A little different but I like talking to her. Oh and there's that angel girl, Geneva from that other school. She's very sweet."

Sam hmms, and says "I will probbaly crash up there while I find a place to live. The commute aint that bad for me you know. You have the number up there?

Hope nods slowly, cheek still pressed against his shoulder. Amazing how the little cousin grew up to be bigger than her. Of course she's kinda small for a girl now. "Yeah...Geneva gave it to me." she says.

Sam nods, and says "Good good, I feel a bit more comfortable staying there till I get my own place." He smiles, and says "So, many cute co-eds about here?"

Hope laughs a little and shakes her head. "I wouldn't know. Last I knew of your taste in women was Becky Roberts the buck toothed girl" she teases Sam.

Sam says "Oh yea, That was cause she threated to beat me up." He chuckles, and says "I figured Momma, would hahve told the whole county about the one I brought home.""

Hope giggles a little at the thought and nods "She was a singer right? Real fancy lady."

Sam opens the flannel shirt to let you have a better look at his t-shirt, and says "Lila Cheney," He smiles a bit and watches his cousin's reation at the ffact her cousin dated an international rock star.

Hope blinks a little and finally puts two and two together. "Oh my gosh! /That/ Lila...." She looks at Sam wide eyed and just stares agape.

Sam grins a bit and nods his hea.d "If she comes to town again, I will take ya to a concert, she and I are still on good terms, or atleast were last time I seen her.

Hope smiles brightly up at her cousin and nods "That would be so neat!"

Sam says "Well hon, I need to get back into town, for job hunting"

Hope nods and stands to show Sam to the door, hugging him tightly. "Don't be a stranger, ya hear?"

Sam grins and says "You'll soon be sick and tired of me, ah'm sure."

Hope gives Sam a kiss on the cheek. "never gonna happen." she promises and opens the door for him.

Sam says "See ya tommorow or the next day hon."